How to Organize and Prepare for a Household Move

How to Organize and Prepare for a Household Move

Changing houses is not a very pleasant process, with so many things to go through and sort out, but it’s still an important part of a household move, and it marks the end of the whole tedious business regarding home searching, buying, renovation work, preparations, etc. This might come as a surprise, but it’s possible to get the moving procedure over with quickly. If you carefully follow these organization steps, you’ll find yourself at your new place in no time.

Create a moving binder

With the help of a moving binder, you’ll be able to keep track of all your possessions, as well as papers and other important documents. Make sure to include as much detail as possible, because this binder will later help you unpack and organize in your new home a lot easier.

Do you really need everything?

Hoarding happens to everyone and in most cases, it only becomes apparent when you’re about to move. Therefore, be very critical and practical when it comes to everything you own. Does everything has an important use and purpose, or can you continue your life without it? If you even forgot that you own certain items, and haven’t touched them or used them for years, you probably don’t need those at all, no matter where you live.

Sort it all out

Before you start packing, it would be wise to sort out all your belongings first. You can do so by organizing them in a pile or a group. That way you can make a clear division between all your breakable items and those that can be handled more freely, as well as differentiate between clothes, home accessories, small furniture and appliances, etc. You can also make these divisions by rooms.

Pack it carefully

Packing for a household move requires a lot of boxes, so make sure that you have enough of those. Then, pack in a way that matches the way you organized your stuff beforehand. Of course, label all your boxes so that you know where everything is, and include a sign ‘breakable’ so that the moving company knows that the specific box has to be dealt with care. When you pack your breakables such as dishes, stylish and beautiful designer pots, lovely glass figurines, vases, etc. make sure that these have something soft around them, and avoid their contact with each other by placing the same soft material or bubble wrap between them as well. Also, you can add other markers on the boxes that would make unpacking a lot easier. For example, by using a marker of specific color to draw a line, or any other mark, you can differentiate between boxes that belong to each family member, or separate the boxes by rooms, etc.

Find a reputable moving company

It’s essential that you take your time when searching for a professional moving company. Sometimes, you can get lucky by simply looking through a phone book, but it would be wise to look for the word of mouth recommendations from other people who already went through the moving process incident-free. Once the moving company is there to pick your things, make sure to pack in a way that would allow you to sort out bigger things such as larger pieces of furniture first, and only then go with smaller boxes.

It’s essential that you keep your cool during the household move and approach this task with patience. Use your checklist to keep record of everything and that way avoid losing or forgetting important stuff. Also, have other members of your household help you – if you’re not living alone this is not a job to do alone either.

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