Things to Know Before Moving into a New Apartment

Excited about the new apartment? Sure you are!

Now that the big day has come and you’ve finally signed the lease, it’s time you started doing some planning! Moving into a new apartment is almost as exciting as buying one, but you’ll cross that bridge when you get there. Anyhow, everyone who’s moved at least once in their lives knows there are a few things to cover before actually starting with the move. In case this is the first time you are changing homes or you haven’t been paying attention to the details of your previous move, we’ve put together a list of essentials you have to know before you move in into your brand new apartment.

Call your new landlord

Once you’ve set the date of your move, give your landlord a call and let them know. Added, ask them a few questions while you are at it:

  1. Are you the only one with the keys or will someone else have a copy, and if yes – who?
  2. When will you get the keys?
  3. Is there enough space for a moving truck to park on your moving day, and if not – where do they suggest you park?
  4. Will they be there on your move-in day or do you get the key a few days earlier?
  5. Do they plan on dropping by occasionally once you move in?

See how much storage space you’ve got

One of the key things when moving houses is knowing how much storage space you’ll have in your new home. Why? Because pretty much all of your packing depends on the (extra) space you will or won’t have at your disposal. Once you’re set on that, pre-packing and packing the essentials will be much easier to organize.

In case your new home doesn’t have a basement or a separate storage space to use, you can always try doing DIY craft projects to build enough storage space in your new place and engage in a little creative action! Or, you can consider renting out a garage or a storage unit for packing all the stuff you don’t use or use only occasionally. If you decide to rent out a separate storage space, try negotiating a deal with your landlord to lower the price of your apartment rent. You do, after all, have to pay for that storage space because the apartment lacks the needed space, right?

Hire professional movers

While moving things yourself does have a personal touch to it, hiring professional movers is the easiest, most comfortable thing to do – especially if you are stuck at the office for the most part of the day like most of us are. A professional truck hire will help you pack up and deliver your stuff to the new address while you use that time to do something else – pack up the rest of the stuff, do some last-minute shopping, have a goodbye coffee with your old neighbors, etc. Obviously, before you decide to book them, make sure you do budget calculations and see if hiring movers actually fits your current budget.

Check out the neighborhood

You’ve probably done this already prior to saying “yes” to your new apartment but it doesn’t do any harm to do a little background digging. Prior to actually moving in, go around the neighborhood, talk to the locals and see what their impressions of the place are. Ask around to see if the neighborhood is safe, where the best coffee joints and restaurants are, what seem to be the best routes to there and there, etc. Meeting a few of your neighbors in the building would be amazing as well because you’ll then actually have new people to hang out with and break the lonely blues!

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