8 Essentials That Will Instantly Make Your Property Cozy

When you are selling a property, you are selling more than just four walls with separate rooms. You are selling a feeling – a dream. The people that will come to see your place, and potentially buy it, need to be able to imagine their lives there. You will not achieve that by leaving everything to their imagination. On the contrary, you will have to persuade them into the purchase by staging your property for a family. Here are some tips that will help you achieve a cozy vibe and make your sale more appealing to potential homebuyers.

Set the tone in your entryway

The welcome in your property should start from the front door and the entryway. If the property is an apartment inside a building, it is hard for you to boost the curb appeal, but you can keep your apartment door clean and adorned with a wreath or a fancy apartment number.

There are a lot of things you can do in the entryway to make it more inviting. Since the foyer is usually narrow and tight, make sure you paint it in light colors, like crisp white or mild neutrals. A soft patterned runner rug will lead your guests to the living room, and a full-length mirror at the end of the room will make it feel spacious. Entryways can often fall into the trap of piled up shoes and coats. Organize everything in shelves, coat hangers and storage benches.

Use colors to relax the eye

A coat of paint is the best way to breathe in some life to your place. However, your choice of colors will affect the entire vibe. If you, for example, go with bright red, you will design a room that causes stress and anxiety. You should choose relaxing shades that complement the room’s function well (e.g., blue, violet, and purple work great in the bedroom), or go with the forever rewarding neutrals. The second one is always a safe choice because it appeals to everyone’s taste.

Offer a seat

The living room is the most important room in the house, and it should inspire sitting and conversation. Turn the furniture pieces one toward another to encourage communication, but leave enough space to move around through the house, especially from the living room to the kitchen and bathroom. The furniture needs to be soft, comfortable, and harmonious. You don’t have to buy in sets, but have at least one statement piece that draws the eye.

Create ambiance

You can have all the items in place and design worthy of a cover of a magazine, but if the lighting isn’t right, it’s all for nothing. For instance, in order to succeed in creating the perfect ambiance, Aussies layer the lights. This may sound complicated, but in all the best lighting shops in Sydney and other larger cities, you can ask for advice from professionals depending on the square footage of your room and its function. The key is to have more light sources than just a ceiling fixture (e.g., wall lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights, task lights).

Layer textures

Nothing like a good old mix of textures to make a home feel warmer. You will achieve this fuzzy feeling by combining different finishes, such as metallic and matte, and contrasting materials like leather and faux fur. Some things you can use are area rugs, throw pillows and accessories.

Soften harsh lines

Clean straight lines are the essence of minimalism, but sometimes, they can come off as too harsh. Change that stiff feeling by using rounded edges and oval and circular shapes instead.

Introduce some life

Houseplants and fresh flowers are just the details you need to enrich your home with life and beauty. Besides, houseplants are natural air purifiers, and they bring nothing but benefits to your entire home, including the bathroom and the bedroom.


Finally, while you need to make your property comfy and homey, you should refrain from adding personal details which could discourage the homebuyers from buying. You need to leave something to their imagination. They should be able to picture their own family pictures on the wall and travel souvenirs on the shelves.

Remember what you are selling: a home isn’t just the place you live in. It is a space where you feel comfortable and happy.

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