Top Home Exterior Trends For 2018

The exterior of your home is equally important as the interior, so you need to take special care of this area outside your house. Although it may seem odd, the number innovations in design is rising every year and these actually present new trends for the exterior of our houses. This is particularly interesting to those who are trying to sell their houses and want to increase their home value by boosting its curb appeal. Even if you aren’t in that position, you should still learn which trends are recommended by the designers for this year and try to implement some of them to enhance your overall home design.


Different textures

This is a slight variation on some of the trends that have been popular in the last few years and this trend always comes back with a couple of alterations. The main emphasis is on layering different textures in one place and combining them to provide more depth. This means that combinations such as red brick wall and natural stone path are more than welcomed, as they make your exterior seem much bigger. One method of nailing this trend perfectly is using the same material, but just different sides of it. That way, you’ll accomplish much cleaner look and all the elements will be put together well.


The return of the red brick

Don’t think that covering your entire house in red bricks is a great idea. This trend is used to boost certain part of the house and the change it can make is wonderful. This premium finish can be used to outline the edges of your house, a porch, or just the front door. This warm-looking trend can be perfectly implemented in contemporary style house design, for instance. Paired with different shades of brown as a wall color choice, you can make a great combination and complete the biggest part of the design.


Shades of neutral

This is a trend that never goes out of fashion and there are many reasons for you to include it, not just in your exterior design, but inside your home too. What is different this year is that designers recommend a more sophisticated look by using different types of materials in neutral hues. To carry this one out to perfection, just stick to one part of the house and create its surrounding within one palette.


Upgraded landscape

Even if you have the world’s smallest backyard, you need to pay special attention to its design. You can create a seating area, a small playground for your children or a beautiful flower garden. For example, a reliable agency for landscaping in Northern beaches offers many great and functional garden designs based on space and conditions. After all, great help and good services from someone who can help you to create an oasis in your own backyard are always welcome.


Grand entrance

Of course, this will be the first thing everyone will see as they enter your driveway, so you need to use every creative tip from your favorite exterior designers. If you’re bold, you can opt for the Pantone’s color of the year and paint your door in Ultra Violet, or just decorate the outline with this color. Just be sure to combine dark and light shades to avoid the simplicity of using one color and not having clear lines for your entrance.


Going eco-friendly

This is something that goes far beyond just a fad – designers are constantly combining new trends with environmental issues and encouraging the use of eco-friendly materials. Everything from paint, facade details, building materials and more can be found in sustainable stores and you won’t notice any difference. We’ll be seeing this trend much more in the future, so you can implement parts of it in your design now and be prepared for the seasons ahead of you.


The most important advice designers give is to find a balance between taking risks and playing it safe. When you’re redoing your exterior, you won’t be able to repaint everything if you’re using the wrong shade or a color you don’t like. Also, be sure to calculate your budget to be sure you’ll be able to do everything you want and not stop in the middle of the renovation process.

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