Backyard Remodel: Creativity and Simplicity Go Hand in Hand

When thinking of home remodelling, most people would focus on the interior, especially the kitchen, the family room or the master bedroom. It’s the backyard that is usually left out and neglected, but now, things have changed, and the focus has shifted to the outdoor space as well. Making it cosy, comfortable and inviting has become equally important and luckily, it can be done easily without a huge price tag.

You can create a gorgeous, unique and contemporary backyard, resembling those from gardening magazines, by simply using materials and plants that are easily sourced, environmentally friendly, reclaimed and low-maintenance, and boost the value of your property in so doing. If you’re still wondering how to do it, here are several suggestions.

Add greenery

The first go-to idea that is both affordable and simple is resorting to plants. Incorporating them into your backyard design will surely add more texture and colour. One suggestion is to add a vertical garden that will serve as an excellent backsplash on your patio. It’s quite cheap and easy to make using wooden boxes, hanging them on hooks and planting in the succulents, herbs and low-growing vegetables.

A lot of different colours can certainly transform any space and make a powerful impact. Use inexpensive annuals and shrubs, plant them in large containers and vessels and arrange them around the patio. Or, opt for budget-friendly perennials, such as Allium, Baptisia, Coneflower, Sage, Kangaroo Paw or Veronica. They might cost more initially, but it’s a one-time investment that pays off in the long run.

Another effective idea is to combine different types of grasses so that you can add more texture to your garden. They aren’t only great as an inexpensive and low-maintenance addition to your backyard, but are also an excellent tool to give your outdoor space a modern, high-end look. Great choices of these grasses are Blue Oat grass, Feather Read grass, Fountain grass, Little Bluestem and Flax.

Pool makeover

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is an amazing feature, but if you neglect it, there’s no amount of surrounding landscaping and additions that could ever compensate for it. To spruce it up and give it a fresh new look and a quick makeover, resurface it with a fresh coat of pool paint. In that way, you’re not just adding to its value, but you’ll also make it more appealing and inviting without spending a fortune. If this seems like a too serious project for you to DIY, you can always rely on experienced contractors to do it for you.


Hardscaping can be a quite expensive backyard upgrade, but if you repurpose stone leftovers or broken pavers, you’ll get an equally beautiful result at a much lower cost. Placing these stones and pavers together, stacked or even in a mosaic, will give your backyard another natural element that will go well with all the landscaping. Crushed rock and gravel in the dining and seating areas will give a more casual and softer surface underfoot, and trellises or arbours, which you can get at flea markets and salvage shops, will add height to the space and define the traffic flow.

Combining these hardscaping elements with greenery, such as moss or creeping sedum, will create a double effect: you’ll have a beautifully defined pathway that doesn’t require much water and maintenance, plus combining these two materials means that you’ll need less amount of each.

Nooks, fire pits and vintage elements

Custom-made elements can be quite pricey, but if you get creative with recasting and repurposing, you will get the same look for much less money. For instance, concrete blocks are great for backyard renovations, as they can be used in many ways: as elevated decking with reclaimed wooden board top to create a bar with a couple of high stools, a large outdoor dining table, a smaller side table and even a cosy fire pit.

A simple design is usually the best way to go, so try dividing up the space into zones and creating nooks by rearranging the furniture. By adding colourful rugs, draping and cushions, some overhead string lights and scented candles, you’ll have an amazing, warm, and inviting setting.

Show off your gorgeous collections of miniature pot plants by clustering them together in every nook – they will be an eye-catching detail. Add a few terrariums as they require very little care and will give an exotic flair to your backyard.

Incorporating salvaged pieces and vintage finds into your outdoor design will add a lot of charm and character. Instead of going for expensive light fixtures, repurpose old industrial lamps and hangers, chandeliers, carts, baskets or chairs. Incorporate corrugated steel, old copper or wood scraps into the existing décor and the result will be a unique space with a rustic charm and tons of character at a very low cost.

It doesn’t take a fortune to have a beautiful backyard and a small budget should be no obstacle to your creativity and resourcefulness. With suggestions listed here, you’ll accomplish an amazing and inspiring remodel easily and without breaking the bank.

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