Green Up Your Home in 2018 with These Eco-Friendly Flooring Trends

Greening up your home doesn’t mean that you have to paint your walls green and add green-colored accessories – unless you want to, green is really trendy at the moment. But, the true green and homely paradise comes from (re)designing your place in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Not only is such an investment going to pay off in the long run but you’ll also do your bit in helping the environment. Thankfully, more and more people are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon, and for once, the fad is legitimately turning into a lifestyle. One of the best ways to introduce the green touch to your home is to choose your flooring options carefully. Take a look at what’s trending for this year.

The versatile cork

You may be surprised to learn that cork is so big on the market when flooring trends are concerned, but the fact of the matter is that cork truly stands out. It comes from a renewable source and can actually be designed in whatever style and color you like for your home. What’s more, cork can actually minimize the risk of home-triggered allergies and is known as an effective insect repellent. Since it’s very easy to maintain and durable you can expect to enjoy it for solid 10-30 years worry-free.

Customizable bamboo

Just like cork, bamboo presents a renewable flooring material that offers as much style and characteristics as traditional hardwood. Not to mention that it’s incredibly easy to install. Of course, bamboo is durable and provides no-fuss maintenance.

Резултат слика за bamboo presents a renewable flooring material

Long-lasting linoleum

First of all, linoleum is not the same as vinyl. Vinyl can be harmful and it’s not the eco-friendliest option out there. Linoleum, on the other hand, is perfectly sustainable. It can take a lot of wear and tear and it’s water resistant. Moreover, in 2018 you have numerous options regarding the style and design of your linoleum flooring so that it can match your home interior amazingly well.

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Comfy carpet

Everybody loves a good carpet since it’s soft, comfortable and truly versatile when it comes to design and style. These days, there are eco-friendly and more sustainable options on the market for carpeting as well. For example, both wool and P.E.T Berber carpets are your best options if you want a green alternative. Their durability is top-notch and with professional carpet installation from Sydney, the process of introducing them to your home is almost effortless. There are other green materials you may want to consider, such as sisal, jute and cotton.

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Beautiful glass tiles

Glass tiles are the perfect solution for kitchens and bathrooms since they won’t stain and they are completely water resistant. Of course, they are also very easy to clean. One of the most important benefits of using glass for your flooring material is the fact that it won’t mold and mildew. Furthermore, you can have fun choosing among different designs, and thanks to the light-reflecting properties, add even more brightness to your home.

Резултат слика за Glass tiles are the perfect solution for kitchens and bathrooms

Polished concrete

If you didn’t expect to see cork floors on this list, you definitely didn’t see concrete coming either. However, polished concrete is one of the most popular flooring trends this year and for a good reason. For starters, the design possibilities are practically endless. Moreover, it’s relatively affordable, it’s definitely the most durable flooring option among the above-mentioned ones, and is extremely easy to clean.

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Have you found a flooring trend that you can shape up to your own liking thus boosting the look of your home and making it more eco-friendly? Remember, all of the mentioned options allow you to pick and choose different designs so that you can decorate your home interior the way you find most appealing. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to combine sustainability and personal touch in 2018 when your home is concerned.

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