Fresh Ideas for a Sweet Home Styling Success

Aside from the property’s size and characteristics, the thing that many potential homeowners, or rather homebuyers, are paying close attention to is how well it is staged. The reason behind this is that a lot of people are simply not so good at envisioning the place completely furnished, so they do need some help in that department.

That’s where you come into play. As a retailer, it’s your job to make sure that the home you plan on selling is designed in such a way that will make potential buyers fall in love with it instantly. However, there are certain things you need to pay attention to if you want to make sure you’ve done everything right.

Always take a before and after photo

This idea might not be particularly fresh, but it is extremely important. Once you’re done renovating the space, you should clean it thoroughly and snap a few photos of the empty space before you actually start staging it. This way, aside from showing your prospective buyers the potential a certain room has regarding decor and style, you’ll also be able to present them with an empty canvas – so to speak, i.e. you’ll be able to show them how the room looks like when it’s completely empty.

Additionally, snapping a few pictures of the empty space will help you significantly during the staging process as it will allow you to try out different styles and ideas before actually committing to a certain look.

Tread lightly with lighting

As you probably already know, lighting plays a huge role in the world of interior design. So, if there’s a single aspect of staging a home that requires maximum concentration and devotion, it’s lighting. Proper lighting and lighting fixtures have the power to instantly boost the room’s appeal and elevate its style.

Current examples of property styling in Sydney show us just how important proper lighting is. All staged homes are well-illuminated with plenty of natural light sources and high-quality lighting fixtures. The best part is that lighting fixtures rarely get damaged which means you can find second-hand alternatives that look amazing and cost next to nothing.

Add visual interest

While it is true that you should put your personal preferences aside when staging a home for sale, you absolutely need to avoid making the space look boring. Yes, creating a neutral vibe is probably the best way to go, but implementing a feature with a strong visual interest, such a bold accent wall, will instantly grab your prospective buyer’s attention.

Therefore, create a statement wall by using bold colours, unusual wallpaper or simply applying a lush fabric that will give the room more dimension and depth.

Show windows some love

Once all the rough work has been done, the paint has dried up and the lighting figures have been installed, it’s time to pay attention to the window treatments. Old, outdated window treatments will hinder all the effort you’ve put into making the room look stylish and fresh so that’s definitely something you should take care of.

Light sheer curtains in a neutral hue are a perfect choice as they offer some much-needed privacy while also allowing natural light to enter the room. Additionally, by placing the curtain rod a few inches above the window itself and hanging the floor-length curtains, you will easily create the illusion of a taller space which is something you should definitely go for, as potential buyers generally like areas that look and feel spacious.

These were, of course, just some of the ideas you can use to your advantage the next time you get to stage a home. It is important to remember that the better the job you do the easier it will be to find the right buyers interested in your property.

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