Stage Your Home for Selling Like a Pro

Deciding to sell your home is actually the easy part. What follows is thorough home staging that will increase your property value and win over potential buyers by emphasising the strengths and beauties of your home. However, the entire staging process can be quite expensive, especially if you want to do it like a professional. Luckily, there’s a variety of budget-friendly ways that will help you stage your home like a pro and leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers.

A pop of colour

Although buyers typically look for homes with a classic and timeless value, surprising them with unexpected elements can help you win them over. While most of the rooms should feature a neutral and elegant colour scheme, you should introduce a pop of colour that will create a unique look and emphasise a specific area. A beautiful fireplace can be easily overlooked if it’s the same colour like the backdrop. However, if you paint the wall behind it in a different hue, not only will you emphasise the fireplace, but you’ll also have a stylish accent wall. Buyers will be delighted and they won’t be able to look away.

The importance of lighting

Lighting can influence the overall appearance of your room – low-quality bulbs won’t illuminate your space properly, and your home will seem small and gloomy. By opting for bulbs with warmer hues, you’ll illuminate your home with a more flattering light and create an atmosphere of cosiness and warmth. Additionally, try to make use of sunlight as much as possible by using light, gauzy drapes. This way, you’ll create an ambiance of openness and airiness, which is particularly important for small spaces.

A space with a purpose

Instead of confusing potential buyers with extra rooms with no clear purpose, try to give them a new look and a clear use. For example, if you have a free room you’ve been using to store old clothes or furniture, you should take out the excessive furniture, repaint the room and transform it into a home office. This way, you’ll stage the room like a pro, giving it a specific purpose that will delight prospective buyers.

The beauty of art

Decorating your home with enticing artwork can elevate your home décor and give your living space a sophisticated look. You can create a more cohesive look by choosing paintings featuring some of the hues from the colour scheme of a room. For example, a painting over your bed can be matched with colours and patterns of your bedroom curtains. In addition, you should display your artwork creatively rather than hanging your paintings in line. By varying the grouping, you’ll make the artwork stand out and achieve a much better effect.

A fresh kitchen look

Restyling your kitchen requires a sizeable amount of money and time. Luckily, there are budget-friendly yet efficient solutions that can bring a sense of novelty into your kitchen. Instead of completely replacing your worn-out cabinets, you can just get new doors and drawers, and change the knobs. As for the appliances, buyers are typically looking for a stainless-steel look that you can easily create by using coverings. First, you need to remove the front panels, clean them and then apply stainless-steel stick-on coverings. It will leave your buyers satisfied, and you won’t have to spend a fortune.

A clutter-free home

One of the most important steps to properly stage your home is eliminating clutter. Clutter will create an atmosphere of disarray and messiness in your home, and no buyer will be willing to spend a month cleaning up your mess. While some of your personal items can give your home a unique look, there are some that buyers don’t want to see. Pack up your old clothes, remove old and excessive furniture, clean your shelves of your personal memorabilia and souvenirs, and de-clutter your home. Since all of these might be of a personal value to you and your family, you can find affordable storage in Melbourne and keep them there. This way, these items will be out of sight for your buyers, but you can hold on to them until you figure out what you’ll do with them.

Staging your home properly is important if you want to increase the appeal of your home. Make sure to start on time, be thorough and follow these budget-friendly steps.

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