Great Ideas to Make the Most of Your Attic

Most of the people lucky enough to have an attic usually use it for storing all the items that they will most likely never use again. While this might be the most common and somewhat useful way to use your attic, it’s definitely not the best. Your attic has much more potential, and with some time and effort, it can be transformed into anything you need it to be. With that in mind, here are a few ideas that might inspire you and motivate you to put your attic to good use.

Home office

If you work from home, you could transform your attic into a great home office. After all, the attic is usually quiet and further away from the rest of the house, which makes it perfect for work. This is especially important if you have young kids, since they do make your home a bit more “lively”. Moreover, if your attic is spacious enough, you’d have plenty of room for storing your papers, work supplies, and other necessary tools. You could even include a coffee table and a few armchairs for work meetings. Plus, you’d also have plenty of natural light, which is very important for your mood and productivity.

Kids’ room

Any kid would love to have their own room, especially once they reach their teenage years. At some point, they will want to have a bit more privacy and space. So, think about turning your attic into their room. It would allow them to have some sense of freedom and a bit more privacy. Plus, since the attic is a bit further away from other rooms, it would also allow them to play their music a bit louder. This might seem silly, but it surely matters to them. They can help you decorate it, and the room could easily be furnished to suit all their needs and wishes from studying to relaxing.

Home library

If you love books, you probably dream of having your own home library. So, why not turn your attic into one? You can install bookshelves, add some hanging storage options, and organize your books in any way you want. Of course, you can always place a nice and comfy armchair in the middle, so you can read in there as well. Also, if you happen to be a writer, or if reading is a part of your profession, you can combine your study with the library and include a quality work desk in the design too.

Man cave

Every guy needs his own room where he can watch sports in peace with his buddies or simply unwind after a long day at work. So, consider transforming your attic into the best man cave ever. Get a comfortable sofa and a few armchairs for your friends, add a few entertainment options like a pool table, and install a small fridge for your drinks. Of course, mounting a TV on the wall is a must, so you can enjoy watching sports, movies, or anything else you like.

Spare bathroom

If you have kids, you’ve probably tried to use the bathroom many times only to find it occupied by your daughter applying her makeup or taking an hour-long bath. So, to solve that problem, consider turning your attic into an extra bathroom. It would make mornings faster for all of you, and it might even come in handy if your friends and relatives ever come for a longer visit.


Last but not least, there’s nothing wrong with using your attic as a storage room – as long as you organize it. So, add plenty of drawers and shelves, and consider adding a cozy seating area as well. You can also leave the middle area free, so your storage room can be your kids’ playground as well. Or, you can turn your attic into a walk-in closet, design it in a way that suits your needs, and never think about not having enough room for your clothes or shoes again.


Even if you live in a house with plenty of rooms, there will always be ways to use all that space much more efficiently. So, don’t let your attic be just a disorganized storage room for forgotten items. Treat it as any other room, make the most of it, and that extra room in your home will definitely come in handy sooner than you might think.  

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