Choosing A New Hot Water System

A failing or dead hot water heater is a nightmare

Out of all the systems to go wrong in your household, having a failing or dead hot water heater is certainly most people’s idea of a nightmare.  This is because we’re so used to having hot water on tap (literally) that it can come as a rude shock to find that your hot shower is now cold.  Hot water systems – especially older models – can fail without much notice, and can cause major inconvenience in your home.  Finding a replacement can often come down to finding a heater that can be delivered an installed as quickly as possible, however there are some factors you should look at before you open your wallet.

Like For Like Or Something Different?

Unless your water heater is ancient, chances are you can probably find its replacement fairly easily.  This may seem like the best option, especially if you have a plumber in Sydney handy to install it.  However, doing a little bit of research on your options can pay off, especially considering today’s generation of smarter and more efficient water heater models.  Some of the hot water heater options you can look at include:

  • Gas or electric water heating: an electric water heater can be quite cheap to buy but more expensive to run than a gas hot water system (as gas is cheaper), however if you consider an off peak system then you may be able to make up some savings throughout the day.
  • Off peak electric systems may require a larger water tank as they only generally heat the water at night, and it must last for a full day of usage.
  • Gas hot water systems are generally installed outdoors or they can be inside as long as they are installed with a flue. Electric systems can be either indoors or outdoors.
  • Electric hot water systems can cost up to $1500, gas ones can be up to $2000.
  • Gas hot water systems also have a voluntary star rating system that measure energy efficiency, and you’ll generally be able to see the rating on a sticker on the heater when you go purchase one.
  • Solar hot water heaters are becoming more and more popular, and although the most expensive option with some systems costing as much as $7000, they are cheaper to run over the long run. Because the installation must be done correctly to ensure maximum sunlight, this option is often considered less as an emergency heater replacement, and more as a replacement of an existing heater.  Don’t forget you’ll need a larger water tank to heat the water you might need during days of little sunshine.

Get Professional Plumbing Advice

If you are not sure of the best type of water heater for you and for your home, contact a plumber to get their opinion.  No one is more qualified to look at your house and your water requirements, and to find a solution that will fit the amount of water you use each day, and the amount of hot water you might need during peak and off peak times.  When you do talk to your plumber, get a quote for how much he thinks installation will cost.  Unless you’re absolutely desperate to get a water heater in as soon as possible, it is always a good idea to get a second quote just to make sure that you’re not being overcharged.

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