Sustainable Storage Ideas for Your Green Home

There’s no doubt we all need to start caring more about the impact we have on the planet. So, if you’ve been thinking about adding storage to your home you might want to do so by using environmentally-sensitive materials. This can turn out to be a great idea since it’ll help you both reduce your carbon footprint and save some money. No matter if you’re into DIY or you want to buy ready-made storage solutions, here are a couple of ideas you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at.

Use under-the-bed storage

If you’re looking to add more storage to your home, using under-the-bed storage might be a good idea. Chances are there’s probably a lot of unused space under your bed that can be turned into storage. What’s so great about this idea is that adding under-the-bed storage requires fewer materials than a standard wardrobe. This means you’ll be using less wood to add storage to your home. And this won’t only help you aid preserving the environment but it’ll also leave you with more money in your pocket. When adding under-the-bed storage, there are plenty of green materials you can go for. Sustainably harvested wood is always going to be your safest bet, since it can easily match any style. Also, when adding under-the-bed storage, you probably won’t have to use glue, formaldehyde or any other kind of toxic chemicals.

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Give DIY projects a go

When going green, DIY projects are something you simply can’t go wrong with. This is the case because DIY projects can help you repurpose unwanted items you’d probably throw away. And of course, repurposing is a much better idea than having these dumped in a landfill. So, if you have any old pieces of metal, turning these into hooks might be a smart move. Hooks you make can be used to hang your bike parts or basically any other item on the ceiling. On top of this, if you have any old pallets in your backyard, turning these into storage options is also recommended. With a little bit of work, you can turn these into a shelf, stacked storage option or even a desk. Last but not least, old shoeboxes and similar items can be used to store things like electronics, art supplies and more.

diy rustic pallet desk

Go for textile storage solutions

Another great way to add eco-friendly storage into your home is to use textile organizers. These little things can serve as a perfect storage solution and they are pretty eco-friendly. If you decide to use these, make sure you go for the ones that are made of 100% cotton. Textile storage solutions can be used to store anything from clothes, toys to old books. You should be able to find organizers made of cotton in most of the stores or try to make them yourself by using leftover linen or similar fabrics. What’s so great about textile storage solutions is that they don’t take up a lot of space but provide you with plenty of storage. If you decide to make these yourself, you can also add hooks and hang them on your walls.

Upgrade your current storage

Depending on what kind of storage you already have in your home, you might want to upgrade it in order to create more storage space. When starting a project like this, it’s always recommended that you go vertically. That way, you’ll need fewer materials to get the job done. And there’s no need to say that this is a great option for both you and the environment. In case you decide to do this, bear in mind that you’ll need strong shelves that can hold all the weight. However, sometimes, you won’t be able to upgrade your existing storage solutions. That would be the perfect time to get new shelving options for your home. If you decide to get new shelves for your entire home, you should recycle your old ones.

Think about lighting

If you have a closet in your home, chances are there’s a lighting option in it. And this is also something that affects your home’s sustainability. So, instead of using standard incandescent bulbs in your closet, you might want to switch to LED bulbs. These are an amazing option for anyone who wants to go green. Not only that they last longer but they also use less electricity which is definitely something you should aim at when trying to make your home more sustainable. Luckily, due to the popularity LEDs gained over the past years, you can now get these in almost any shape and color you want. This means your closet can look any way you want and still use less energy when it comes to lighting. If you have wall-mounted lights in your closet, you can use LEDs for these as well.

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These 5 ideas will help you create more storage in your home or make your current storage solutions greener. Either way, you’ll be able to reduce your impact on the environment and manage to scrape away some money.