Home Remodelling: Stylish Updates That Are Worth the Money

Since the real estate market is quite competitive, you need to style up your property to attract top buyers. However, some homeowners spend a sizeable amount of money on wrong remodelling projects. Consequently, they don’t see a high return on investment and end up losing money. Therefore, it’s essential that you invest in remodelling projects that will help you get the highest selling price possible. Here are the most profitable remodelling ideas that will both style up your home and boost its value.  

Install a new front door

Your front door is the focal point of your exterior, so they should have an appealing, welcoming look that will be a preview of your home’s interior design. It goes without saying that a worn-out entry door in a poor condition will create the negative first impression on your prospective buyers. Thus, you should consider replacing it with a new one. While a wooden door has a classic, timeless appeal, a steel door is also a profitable option. Whichever choice you make, it should be complementary to your general home design.

Style up your kitchen

Minor kitchen updates are among the most profitable remodelling projects that you can undertake when selling your home. Buyers look for modern, sleek kitchens with functional layouts and high-quality appliances. However, high-end remodels cost more than the return on the investment they bring. Thus, you should go with minor updates, such as replacing the hardware, painting the cabinets and introducing more storage solutions. Unless your kitchen appliances are broken, you don’t have to purchase new ones. Instead, you can apply stainless steel covers to give them a modern, new look.

Don’t forget the bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, the same rules apply as for the kitchen. Minor updates and changes are far more profitable than complete makeovers. A beautiful bathroom with a spa-like ambience and an elegant appeal will attract a great number of top buyers. You should inspect your bathroom for common problems, such as mould, leaks, etc. Make sure to get them all fixed before styling up your bathroom. A beautiful shower curtain, elegant lighting fixtures and lush, expensive-looking towels will truly create an ambience of sophistication in your bathroom.

Go green

Eco-friendly home features are one of the most sought-after qualities among prospective buyers. Not only do they reduce a home’s ecological footprint, but they can also increase buyers’ savings in the long run. From installing energy-saving lights, such as LEDs to simply fixing water leaks, there’s plenty of ways to make your home greener. One of the most profitable green upgrades is installing energy-saving solar panels in order to reduce the energy consumption in your home. Although this might cost a bit more upon installation, it will lead to a higher return on investment because low electricity bills will be quite appealing to prospective buyers.

Mind the colours

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls will introduce a sense of novelty to your home. It will immediately seem fresher, brighter and more positive. However, it’s important that you choose the right colours for your scheme. Neutral hues are the most appealing to buyers because they have a timeless, elegant appeal. Vibrant and bold colours for walls can come across as eccentric, so you should use them for accent details instead. For the exterior, pale, soft yellow has proven to be quite appealing to prospective buyers.

Maximise lighting

You should make sure that your home has plenty of natural light in order to create an open, airy vibe. You can achieve this by using light curtains or removing possible obstructions in front of your windows. You can also install skylights that will bathe your space in natural light.
When it comes to artificial lighting, you should create a layered lighting scheme with general, accent and task lighting. Keep in mind that different rooms require different lighting depending on their function.

Investing in these remodelling projects will help you boost your home’s appeal, increase its value and attract top buyers.

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