5 Tricks to Make Your Home Decor Pop

If you are thinking about selling your home, before you decide to put it on the market and organize an open house, you must find a way to increase its value as much as possible. In other words, you should invest in its interior and exterior design in order to add a breath of fresh air to it and attract the most serious buyers. In order to help you achieve this easily, we’ve prepared a list of great tips and tricks on how to make your home décor pop. Let’s take a look!

1. Add a pop of contrasting colours

When designing a home for sale, you usually stick to conventional colour choices which will appeal to the majority of potential buyers. However, while painting your walls in light and neutral tones like beige and mint green is a great start, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add a pop of colour to this monochromatic design as well. You can either paint an accent wall or bring in colourful accessories that will definitely break the monotony and create a perfect contrast with the rest of the interior. Finally, if you are not sure which shades to opt for, feel free to take a look at Pantone colour predictions and find your favourites.

2. Interesting artwork is a must

The best way to increase the appeal of your home’s interior and really present it in the best possible light to your buyers is by hanging a few beautiful paintings. It would be great if they all belonged to the same artist or at least were painted with similar techniques, since this would help you create a cohesive look which will be pleasant to the eye. On top of that, you can always go for a minimalistic approach and choose a single oversized painting or a sculpture that will become the focal point of the space and speak volumes about your sophisticated taste.

3. Make your property cosy

Buyers always pay close attention to the overall style of the place, but what they value even more is cosiness. So, aside from investing in chic decor solutions, you should make your property comfortable as well. For instance, you can start by bringing in a soft wool rug that will be perfect both for the living room and the bedroom. After all, there is nothing worse than having to step on the cold floor with your bare feet as soon as you wake up. Furthermore, don’t forget to do your research and explore different seating options, such as a comfy leather lounge which will fit your living area perfectly and definitely sweep all the buyers off their feet. Not only will it look elegant, but it will also be extremely practical, especially for the evenings when guests come over for dinner or a movie. We guarantee that your buyer will know how to appreciate this and will be ready to invest in it. Lastly, don’t forget to add a nice cushion here and there for maximum enjoyment and comfort. You can choose from numerous different patterns and pick those that will perfectly match the rest of your design.

4. Add a fragrance to it

Apart from ensuring that your property looks perfect, you need to add a nice fragrance to it as well. The easiest way to achieve this is by placing a few scented candles on the shelves and tables around your house. They are extremely high-impact and your potential buyer will notice them immediately. Therefore, think about choosing one of the most pleasant smells like cinnamon and apple which will remind everyone of their grandma’s cookies and add a special kind of warmth to the place. You can also try out lavender scented candles since this fragrance has been shown to help people relax and that’s exactly how you want your buyers to feel.

5. Plants in every room

Lastly, nothing can style up an interior better than a few real plants. You just need to invest in a couple of colourful pots and choose a spot in your home which gets enough sunlight during the day. Not only will flowers revitalise your home’s look, but they will enrich the air with oxygen and turn your house into a much healthier place to live in. You can even go a step further and build a unique vertical garden for your favourite flower species and vines. How amazing is that!?

As you can see, making your home decor pop doesn’t have to be a difficult task at all. You just need to follow the latest trends and opt for the design solutions that you believe the majority of buyers will find appealing. Of course, if you have some innovative ideas yourself, don’t hesitate to incorporate them and create something truly unique.

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