5 Popular Home Decor Trends Leading into 2018

Decor trends for 2018 are hot, chic and unique, and they bring enticing looks that will elevate the design of your home. Whether you admire the simple and elegant or the unusual and unique, the world of interior design has something for everyone. Take a sneak peek into the home decor trends that will mark 2018.

Hello red!

Stunning red has been enjoying great popularity among interior designers and it seems that it will bring passion into 2018 home décor. Whether you’ll use red as a theme for your entire room, liven up your space with hot red statement furniture or use just a few red accessories, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment, but make sure to introduce red to your home. This radiant hue is energetic and bold, perfect for adding an element of surprise to your living space. Combining red with a subtle palette of neutral tones, such as shades of grey or white, will create a balanced yet energetic look. Paired up with wooden finishes, such an inspirational colour scheme will truly elevate your home décor.

Marvellous marble

If you’ve been thinking about renovating your bathroom for a while, you should consider installing marble floors. The year 2018 accentuates the bathroom floor as an enticing statement piece, with marble and ceramics being the most popular material solutions. A stunning marble floor paired up with an elegant freestanding bath is a perfect design solution that will give your bathroom a sophisticated, timeless look. Of course, marble will always have its place in the kitchen, too, where you can use it for classy kitchen countertops combined with warm wooden cabinets and dark hardwood floors.

Good old minimalism

Minimalism has been dominating the interior design scene for years and it will continue to do so in 2018. The simplicity and elegance of this lovely style can’t be ignored, so it’s time you welcomed it into your home. This means saying goodbye to clutter and embracing simple yet elegant storage units as the perfect solution for clutter-free homes with minimalist design. Minimalism will help you declutter your home and create a soothing atmosphere. You should go with a subtle, monochromatic colour scheme with occasional pops of more conspicuous hues. Introducing warmer elements, such as wooden furniture, houseplants and soft textiles, will help you give your minimalist home an inviting, cosy look. You should feel free to experiment, but remember that minimalism goes by the “less is more” principle. 

Perfectly imperfect wabi-sabi

If you aren’t a fan of minimalism and you consider it to be a bit “sterile”, wabi-sabi is just the perfect solution for you. This trend will mark the home decor of 2018, emphasizing imperfection and impermanence. This lovely style will fill your home with a sense of authenticity, bringing organic materials and perfect pieces with unique imperfections. You can find beauty in the most unexpected places, so keep your eyes open for hidden treasures with lovely flaws. You should embrace handmade details, wrinkled materials and decorative elements with inherent imperfections. You can even test your skills and make your own decor pieces. You certainly can’t go wrong, because wabi-sabi embraces the beauty of imperfection. This stunning decor trend will give an authentic character to 2018 homes.


The year 2018 isn’t only about combining colours, but also about mixing and matching styles and connecting different themes in a cultural way. An enticing mixture of Persian and Moroccan elements is more than welcome in 2018. Combining ethnic-inspired motifs and pieces will give your home an authentic cultural touch.  You can use Moroccan lanterns as statement fixtures in your home, while a lush Persian rug will create a luxurious, oriental vibe. Wicker and rattan furniture with a modern flair, lacy hammocks and throw pillows with intricate details in vibrant hues will help you set the ethnic theme in your home. Open your home to the world of inspiration and embrace distant influences.

With these beautiful 2018 home decor trends, you’ll be able to design a home that exudes authenticity and elegance.

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