Is It Really That Simple to Learn How to Decorate?

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that there is no such thing as “bad taste” and “good taste”. Every person considers something different to be beautiful, and that makes style and taste simply impossible to judge. But, there are some rules that the majority of people find aesthetically pleasing, and those are the markings of a good designer. And sometimes we might want to hire a decorator to do some work for us, but we need to know when we can just do it ourselves.

Pros and cons of hiring a designer

Hiring a designer is great and practical for so many reasons. Primarily, you can look at their previous work and decide if you like their style, because no matter how many pointers you give, a designer will decorate true to their style. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about planning so many things – because good design takes a lot of time! However, if you do it yourself, you can control exactly how it is going to look and you will save up some money.

When we should hire a designer

If we don’t have enough time to seriously commit to learning what it takes to create a style we like, or if we want our environment to have a professional look, we should probably consult a professional. This especially goes for decorating offices and other public spaces, but it can also be used for private homes. You should also hire a designer if there are some special things that you are not sure how to go about: like designing an industrial bathroom or a modern kitchen. Hiring a professional ensures that no detail will be overlooked – and style is all about the details!

When we can do it ourselves

Do you just want to redecorate a few rooms in your house? Or do you have a specific style that you know you want to decorate in? If you want to save up some money and think you have enough time to commit to properly studying all elements of design, then you can take a swing at it on your own! Make sure you calculate your time properly, however, because the worst thing that can happen is starting a project and not having time to finish it, leaving it at a messy, half-way point.

How to learn design

That one is simple – look around! Every single room you see was designed by someone. Take inspiration from the world around you, take closer looks at the places you like and try to figure out what are all the details that play into that style and design. This way, you can learn what it takes to create a particular design you like, as well as think about what you can do differently to make the style your own.

Where to look for inspiration

If you are completely new to design, you will want to start broad. Get some decoration magazines and start searching the proper hashtags on social media. Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are your best friends. Once you have a better idea of what specific style you like, you can start looking into that style more. Read articles about it and see what makes that specific style. If you find some designer whose style you like make sure you look up as many of their projects and study them. Also feel free to look around. If you go to a friend’s place and see a room that you love, talk to them about it. Find out why they placed those specific details and why. You will learn so much through the things people say about how they decorate. But always keep browsing for new trends, because you never know when you will find something new you like!

Hopefully, that cleared up some things about design and how to get into it when you are just starting out. Start with smaller projects, try and find simulators or just draw out rooms – and then decorate them! It might take some time until you get to the point where you can actually design a serious project, but starting small and asking people for feedback and insight will help you shape your style and get you ready for some serious decorating!

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