Tips On Buying A Great Water Dispenser For Your Home

A water dispenser as the name suggests dispenses water but it has several other features hence it is a good idea to put some thought into it when planning to buy one. Some of the common features of this appliance include the ability to dispense both hot and cold water, filter & purify. This is a good alternative to using bottled water and is one that is more environmentally friendly as well.

Such types of systems tend to have multiple levels of filtration to ensure the water is BPA free. This type of dispenser is either bottle-fed or mains fed and available in many different options. There are many factors to consider besides the capacity of the water dispenser; like if you require both hot & cold features or only one, type of design, etc. This article provides essential tips for those who are planning to buy a water dispenser in Australia.

Essential Tips to Buy a Water Dispenser

Buying a benchtop water coolers and dispenser should not be a big ordeal; hence here are a few pointers to guide you into making the right decision:

  • Select one that efficiently removes dirt, chlorine and other contaminants.
  • It is vital the dispenser you choose effectively removes chlorine and other harsh chemicals since they tend to have a negative effect on our health.
  • The one you select should be easy to install and move as well.
  • Ensure you buy one that has a good warranty as well. The fact that the manufacturer is offering a warranty means you can buy it with more confidence and have less concern about the quality of the product.
  • Water dispensers can produce chilled water and also dispense water at room temperature; hence if this is a requirement find one that has such features.
  • This type of appliance is available in varying capacity, thus estimating the amount of water you might require prior to selecting it.
  • Ensuring the cleaning and drainage mechanism is top-notch since this type of appliances also requires regular cleaning hence it would be beneficial if they are easy to clean.
  • There is nothing worse than a water dispenser that makes too much noise, check the noise level prior to investing in one. Most of their modern ones dispense water quite silently.
  • The power consumption of the dispenser is one of the other important factors to consider since the more the features the more the power consumption. Features like heating, cooling, etc. tend to consume more electricity. On the other hand, different models have a different level of efficiency hence it is important to compare different models on the basis of this factor.

The design of the cooler you select should depend on the type of application. For example, a benchtop water dispenser is ideal in most cases and is ideal where there is a plug point close by and there is a need to integrate a cooler with it as well. Point of use dispensers simply use an existing water line and are handy however they are also more expensive.

A top-loading bottled water cooler is a comparatively cheaper option since this is easy to install and there is a great deal of flexibility on where it can be placed as well. As an alternative to the top-loading and benchtop water cooler, there is also the option of investing in a bottom load bottled dispenser which involves placing the bottle in a concealed space. This is ideal for those who do not prefer the bottle in plain sight.


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