Looking For The Best Strata & Property Dispute Lawyer? Tips To Choose One

With the rise in the number of apartments and townhouses in Australian cities, property disputes have arisen equally. There are millions of property dispute cases now. All these cases need resolution, but they are time-consuming and every defender needs a lawyer with experience and expertise. If you are stuck in a property dispute and need a strata specialist lawyer with goodwill and willingness to settle your dispute, you first need to learn about strata.

Once you understand it in detail, you will clearly find out what your problem is. Before selecting a potential candidate to defend your case, you should seek advice from experienced ones, talk to your peers, and rely on other trusted sources for help. You might also have to abide by the strata by-laws of Sydney. Check out property law firms on their websites, online resources, bar associations, and referral networks to find the best strata lawyer. After finding a potential candidate follow the tips suggested below.

Choose a specialist lawyer 

Lawyers have specialties, and they only fight for a particular dispute. A strata specialist lawyer will be well-acknowledged with the latest development and legal nuances to your property problem. They will very precisely state a solution for your problem, and help you fight that.


A lawyer you choose should hold sufficient experience in resolving disputes. You can search for best strata lawyers in Sydney’ but look for their offered services, client testimonials to ensure that they fight your case vigilantly. You should check their track record of winning cases with your problem. Ask for a reference from the previous property dispute cases and after analysing it thoroughly carry forward your discussion.

Professional communicator  

A lawyer must be professional in terms of communication, be it in person or by email. He should be a good listener who can articulate your questions at once, address them promptly and confidently consult a third-party. They should show up on time, dress neatly, attend regular phone calls and e-mails with courtesy and organised manner. The lawyer should be passionate enough to fight your case and determined enough to win.   

Takes up the responsibility

The lawyer should be fully responsible for all the problems and disputes of your case. He should be answerable to all your questions like ‘Who will handle your case at all the stages?’. You might approach a big law firm or a small law firm. They will have a different strategy of winning. In big law firms, you might directly approach one strata specialist lawyer, but in bigger firms, you might work with several strata lawyers.

Has in-depth knowledge of local laws and procedures

Hire someone who is well-acknowledged about the laws of the system. He understands the difference between local laws and procedures which include local judicial and administrative authorities. The lawyers are required for different situations like repairs, strata scheme, Bylaws, and disputes. He should be well-aware of each and every area. This will benefit you in resolving the problem smoothly.

Dispute resolver

The most common reason for the dispute is the delay in repairs and maintenance. A strata lawyer should know how to minimise disputes like these and should manage to educate their clients well. A strata lawyer can assert the rights and navigate the legal mechanics from the start.

Cost of hiring 

Discuss the lawyer’s fees before hiring. Ask him whether charges for travel costs, mailing, copying and other costs might incur or not. Before finalising one, compare the costs of different lawyers, and choose the one that you find confident and affordable.

These are some of the tips and tricks you should look for before hiring a good strata lawyer. So, if you are stuck in a dispute and looking for a potential candidate for resolution, then Pobi lawyers are here to help you.


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