Rewiring a Property: Signs of Outdated Wiring in the Home

Living in an older house can be such a wonderful experience—all the character, history and memories are what make a house into a home. However, oftentimes, old homes can give their owners plenty of trouble, especially when it comes to wiring. So, if you notice any of these signs, prepare to have your home rewired.

Electrical issues

If you notice your lights flickering, bulbs burning out or sparks flying from the outlets, don’t worry. You are not dealing with a poltergeist—it’s only faulty wiring! These signs mean that your electrical panel is over-amped and needs help.

Shortage of outlets

People 50-60 years ago only owned a few electrical items, which means they only needed one outlet per room. However, today, every member of the family owns at least three power-hungry devices and the requirement for outlets has gone up. One solution to outlet shortage is power cords. But, they pose a huge safety risk when used for a prolonged amount of time, plus they can cause trips! So, don’t hesitate to rewire your home for convenience and safety.

Electric shocks from outlets and switches

If you often get shocked when flicking the light switch or when plugging in devices in outlets, you should know that your circuit is shorting out and you might want to consider rewiring.

Frequent tripping of circuit breakers

A huge sign that something isn’t right with your home’s wiring is frequent tripping of the circuit breaker. This often means that your electrical system is overloaded, especially if you live in an older home. An overworked electrical system can be quite annoying (your power is constantly going out), but it can also do major damage to your appliances and even cause a fire! Since old homes often can’t handle today’s power demand, owners are deciding on splitting the needs between two separate electrical panels in different house areas. However, if you want your old home to stay in perfect condition (especially when it comes to historical houses that can be found all over Sydney), it’s best to contact an experienced Sydney electrician to avoid unnecessary damage. Professionals know how to leave the integrity of any home untouched and to conduct any wiring work without too much fuss.

The smell of burning

As soon as you notice a burning smell that you can’t locate or identify, it’s high time for some rewiring. Sometimes, all you get before an electrical house fire is this faint stench of burning, so be ready to act fast. The smell usually starts behind the walls where old wires are shorting out, getting very hot and starting to melt. This causes the surrounding material to catch fire and you might have a catastrophe on your hands. So, as soon as you notice this smell, call your emergency electrician.

Outdated aluminium wiring

If you just can’t decide whether to start rewiring, take a look at your wires. If they are made of aluminium, you better get on with it. Aluminium wiring is not necessarily bad, but it’s not in use anymore because it’s more prone to problems as time goes by.

Don’t ignore the signs

By ignoring the signs that your home needs new wiring, you’re not only risking damage to your appliances and gadgets, but you’re basically ignoring a house fire that’s just waiting to happen. On average, almost 40% of all house fires start due to some sort of electrical malfunction (usually faulty wiring and outlets). Home rewiring makes your home more practical and safer, and it increases the value of the property in case you want to sell.

So, if your old home was never rewired, you might want to consider it during your next reno. You’ll not regret a cent!

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