6 Innovative Bathroom Technologies

Homeowners in Australia are increasingly interested in tech development and how it will affect their property. This is mostly related to media rooms and kitchens which usually add the most to the property value, but it goes for the other rooms in the house as well.

For instance, bathrooms are becoming equipped with advanced technology and it’s starting to change both the market and the daily life of the occupants. This is mostly because green living is becoming a concern for young homeowners and the changes in technology can help make bathrooms more sustainable.


Sinks are a relatively old invention and it may not seem like there’s a lot to them that can be changed. However, changes are coming in two main ways. First of all, the sinks are becoming easier to use since their height can be regulated and it’s possible to find the right water pressure and temperature to fit the needs of individual users.

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On the other hand, in some parts of Australia that have a problem with the clean water supply, sinks are also starting to conserve water. The addition of motion activated sensors allows the users to use water only when they actually need it.

Freestanding tubs

Freestanding tubs aren’t a new trend, it’s something that’s been present in bathroom design for years and even though they are expensive, these tubs are becoming more popular every year. The trend started with separating the baths from the showers and the baths becoming more of an indulgence.

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To take things further, freestanding tubs are elegant and visually stunning solutions that quickly become the central point of the whole bathroom. They are a bit harder to install since all the plumbing goes below the floorboards.

Privacy glass

A bathroom is a very secluded and private place and it needs to be cozy and warm. At the same time, this presents a problem in terms of design. Most modern homes have an open and airy design with a lot of glass and open surfaces. The technology behind privacy glass allows you to have both.

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Privacy glass changes its structure with the press of a button and allows you to have your privacy while using the bathroom and still have an open and transparent shower when you’re not using it.


Toilets aren’t usually thought of as a great technological advancement, but with environmental concerns in mind, a lot of households are looking into high-tech toilets and bidets that can reduce water and paper waste. These used to be considered as somewhat of a foreign trend, but installing a bidet in Australia is now both common and inexpensive.

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Installing a bidet can save hundreds of dollars during the course of a year and these small savings tend to add up and can really help a household financially in the long run. Bidets can also be helpful with training your kids to use the toilet on their own.

Heated floors

There’s nothing worse than getting out of a shower and freezing as soon as you touch the floor. It’s usually rather difficult to heat a bathroom because of the materials used and the need for constant ventilation. One of the most comfortable ways of handling this is adding floor heating.

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It’s a relatively complex project and it requires the homeowners to give up using their bathroom for a few days so it’s best to start with the heating installation if you’re undergoing a larger remodeling project. It also increases the value of your home substantially.


Lights are often what creates a mood and puts greater emphasis on the design. They are especially important in bathrooms because they can make small spaces appear more spacious and large spaces more comfy. There are also environmental concerns which you should have in mind because lighting should preserve electricity while keeping the bathroom light and easy to use.

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LED light bulbs are replacing traditional ones because they create the same amount of light while using far less electricity. At this point, they are a bit more expensive to install but it pays off to do so in the long run. Light sensors that turn the lights on and dim them when necessary are also a very popular gadget because they are both convenient and cost-reducing.


Bathrooms are changed by the newest tech gadgets just like the rest of your home. These devices usually serve two main purposes: reducing waste and making your home more green and sustainable.

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