Home Selling: Luxury Updates That Truly Pay Off

Even though the real estate market isn’t in the best condition, you can still make your home stand out from the competition and get a great price! But, before making a great home sale, you’ll have to invest first. However, not all updates and remodels are created equal! There are luxurious updates that will not only lift up your home’s style but also bring you a great return on investment.

Bathroom remodel

If you only want to invest in one upgrade, make that your bathroom. Actually, a medium bathroom remodel is the best way to boost luxury in your home and get a great return on your investment! You’ll need only about 3 or 4k to replace the toilet, improve lighting and add luxury his and hers sinks. You can also upgrade the hardware, refinish your cabinets and add a few decorative details. All in all, for every dollar you spend on your bathroom remodel, you’ll get almost double on return!

Kitchen upgrades

Since the kitchen stole the title of The Heart of a Home from the living room, it makes sense to make it as luxurious and attractive as possible. However, total kitchen remodels can be very expensive and not very likely to give you a high return, so you can start with smaller upgrades. For instance, consider replacing your old and inefficient appliances. Replacing them with new, Energy Star models will not only boost your kitchen’s style but also attract eco-conscious buyers with their energy-saving abilities. Other luxury kitchen updates that pay off are new granite countertops, new faucets and stylish backsplashes. All of these will attract buyers and lift up your home’s price.

Don’t neglect your floors

Worn-out floors and carpets can completely ruin the look of your home, especially if you run into some demanding buyers. So, don’t hesitate to invest in refinishing your hardwood floors and giving them a bit of shine! Your damaged wall-to-wall carpets covered in spills and burns will make your buyers almost reluctant to step into your home, so make sure to give them some deep cleaning or even replace them all together. Small area rugs are more stylish anyway!

Boost relaxation

Relaxation is one of the biggest luxuries in today’s hectic world, so make sure to give your buyers something that will allow them to feel pampered and Zen. One of the cheapest and most effective things you can get is a relaxing spa for our backyard. There are various luxury spa models that will instantly improve the look of your outdoor space and turn it from a basic space into an oasis of peace and relaxation. Plus, they are great for summer parties and romantic one-on-one evenings, so they will undoubtedly attract younger buyers who love to entertain or organize intimate date nights!

Make space for their possessions

Having a tidy and functional garage will leave a great impression on all buyers, but especially those with hobbies. Replace those old and shabby garage doors and upgrade to something more high-tech. A new, mid-range model will give you an almost 80% return! But, first, make sure your garage is well ventilated, insulated and tidy. When your buyers see all the possibilities your improved garage offers, they will not be able to resist your house!

Improve your curb appeal

First impressions are often crucial when you’re trying to impress your buyers. So, make sure to wow your visitors with the best-looking yard in the whole neighborhood! Trim your trees and bushes, mow the lawn, fill the dead grass patches and add some color to your space. It’s amazing what a few flowers and blooming bushes can do for your home’s price! Another thing that can leave a great impression on your buyers is your entrance. So, welcome them in style with a new door, tidy and cozy patio, stylish home numbers and a few potted plants. Every little detail counts!

Don’t forget the invisible

Today, there are many energy-savvy buyers out there who want to have a home that is practical, affordable and cheap to maintain. So, don’t spend all your money on aesthetic upgrades, but leave something for the invisible, too! For instance, if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, adding attic insulation can recoup as much as 105% of the project’s cost!

So, no matter when you’re planning to sell, know that these upgrades can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value and leave you with an overflowing bank account!