7 Ways to Bring Modern Design to Your Outdoor Space

Anyone who has a garden, yard or any other outdoor space simply wouldn’t trade that space for anything in the world. An outdoor space is your own personal piece of heaven on Earth, a place where you can simply relax and let nature heal your soul; your home outside the house.

Of course, when it comes to designing your outdoor space, the options are almost endless, and the beauty is – it doesn’t even have to match your indoor design at all. If you are satisfied with your home’s design, but you still want to try out some other look (but you don’t want to redo your entire house) your outdoor space is the perfect place for that. So, if you’re looking for a way you can make your backyard look amazing, while still being functional and pleasant to spend time in, check out the modern design.

Endorse structure and uniformity

In the modern design, the structure is everything. This design aims at achieving a uniform look but not in a dull sense. So, forget all about traditional planting patterns and try to create a linear art piece with different flowers and plants, by planting them in organized, intertwining rows.

Choose the right color palette

Hues typically found in a modern outdoor space are usually toned down, not in the sense of brightness, but in the sense of the amount. So, any color is welcome as long as you stay within its hues. Consider the plants and flowers you have planted in your yard and try to coordinate other colors accordingly. For example, if you have mostly purple flowers in your garden, like lavender and verbena, you can go for green shades, as well as white and black. This way, you will create a serene, unified environment that breathes sophistication.

Embrace clean lines

Another way you can enhance the sense of unity in your outdoor space is by tying together the look of your house with the rest of the outdoor design. Since the modern design is all about clean lines and smooth surfaces, it would be great to cover your facade with high-quality composite panels to create a perfect backdrop for your garden furniture and other design elements.

Welcome shapes and forms

Form is a staple piece of the modern design. Typically, the illusion of unity is created by spreading the same form throughout the space repeatedly. So, what you can do is organize planters and plants of the same shape in your yard to create a sense of order. For example, you can “divide” your outdoor space in different areas by separating those areas with evergreen bushes, like boxwoods and privet, cut into geometric shapes and planted linearly.

Leave some areas bare

If your outdoor space allows it room-wise, create an area that’s completely bare. Instead of the typical ground covers, such as grass, consider covering that area with gravel or creating an interesting mosaic pattern with small rocks and pebbles embedded in concrete. These areas are perfect for showcasing an interesting statue, or a water feature, and are excellent for giving your tired eyes a place to rest.

Use the beauty of raw materials

Instead of covering up the backside of your chimney, use it as a deliberate design element in your outdoor area. Exposed concrete or an exposed brick wall are also elements that can work in your favor design-wise. If you’re in the process of building a new home and organizing your garden for the first time, don’t shy away from leaving some elements more exposed and raw.

If you can, repeat

Repetition creates an illusion of balance and order, so whenever you can, try to repeat the forms and shapes. For example, if you have a rectangular pool outlined with oval shrubs, try creating a seating area of the same shape and outlining it in the same manner. This will make your outdoor space look more organized and create a sense of harmony.

So, to conclude, there’s no reason why the expression of your personal taste and style should be limited to your interior only. With these helpful guidelines, you’ll be able to create a beautiful outdoor space that breathes peace, serenity, luxury and style. And we could all use a peaceful place to relax after a long day.

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