Is your house a rustic chic, vintage or a modern type?

Interior design of one’s home reflects the owner’s personality and individuality. Not only that, but when you spend your days surrounded by the things and style that you like and find appealing, your own sense of completeness can be achieved. In that respect, it’s very important to pinpoint your design style and apply it to your own place. Some of the most popular styles nowadays are definitely rustic chic, vintage and modern, and these design trends just might be your perfect way to decorate your home.

Rustic chic

This is undoubtedly a very popular interior style for gentler souls. Most of the style is characterized by natural elements such as wood, which is further distressed to mimic the aging look. There can be some vintage elements, but in moderation. Mix of vintage and modern accessories is more often found in rustic chic homes. A lot of plants and linen accessories are also common. Predominant colors are white and pastel, but there’s no absolute rule to what color you should go for in your main color scheme.


Decorating your home vintage is somewhat difficult to describe because it involves a lot of different characteristics. Generally speaking, this style can be said to represent the individual’s love for past eras and even different cultures. Darker colors such as burgundy, deep purple, antique gold and similar are typical for this style. A lot of accessories with intricate details that mimic the luxurious feel of the grand mansions are key factor for vintage interior design. What’s more, wallpaper with vintage-like patterns is more frequently used than paint.


Modern style is perfect option for those who value minimalism and efficiency the most. It’s characterized by bright and/or clean colors, sleek furniture designs and a lot of natural light. Accessories can provide the main accent, but these too are primarily elegant and simple in their beauty such as stylish yet beautiful designer pots, artistic figurines, unique works of art, etc. Mostly, geometrical designs are the go-to trend for most of the accessorizing and pops of color in modern style homes. Of course, simple and urban furniture layout is necessary for creating the true modern vibe.

Choose your own style
With so many magazines and blogs on interior design trends, it might get too difficult and overwhelming to find the style that truly speaks to you. Therefore, you have to calmly go through our own life, as well as likes and dislikes, and come to conclusion what your preferred style is, in relation to your own personality and creative spirit. It’s all about what’s beautiful and homey for you, not anybody else. If you have some trouble in reflecting on your own preferences, some fun online quizzes can give a helping hand in determining the perfect interior design trend for you, depending on your answers.

What to look for

If you’re on the hunt to buy a new house, you should know that it can prove to be fairly difficult to find the one that matches your desired style perfectly. Therefore, you should never go looking to buy a new place without clear idea of what you want your house to look like. That way you can determine whether the interior and exterior of certain home can be adjusted and redecorated later on to fit your perfect image as well as calculate the amount of time and financial investment specific house would require.

Redesign options

Depending on what you want to change about the look of your new home, you can hire professional designer services, or do the work on your own. Of course, simple changes such as different paint or wallpaper, furniture layout and choice of accessories can all easily be completed with your own efforts, but if you want some more serious changes that would involve reconstruction work in certain style, definitely go to a renowned professional for help and advice.
It can’t be stressed enough that the look of your house should be in perfect alignment with your passions, spirituality and personality. Magazines, blogs and pictures are there to help you, and even spark up creativity, but in the end, it is your own idea of what feels like home that should be applied in your home décor and design.

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