First impressions count is an understatement

It’s a well-known fact that we have 7 seconds to make our first impression.  When entering a property that you are potentially interested in buying, that 7 seconds counts so much more in a softer property market.  All of your senses are working together to form your first impression of the property, an impression that lasts!

With clearance rates circling 50%, a reasonably well stocked market, less buyer competition and the onset of the traditionally busy spring market, you would be well placed to assume now is a great time to be on the buying end of the transaction.  Vendors are much more at the mercy of the buyers and agents are doing their best to persuade vendors to keep reasonable price expectations and to put 110% into the presentation of their property.

Alastair Mairs, director of The Property Bureau sat down with one of Melbourne’s top Property Stylists and founder of Styled Up Living, Lisa Parker to find out her expert tips when it comes to preparing your property for sale.

  1. Outside is just as important as inside: Clean up the property’s façade and outdoor living areas. High pressure clean, maintain the garden to make the space as inviting as possible – this is particularly important with the warmer months upon us.
  2. Declutter and clean out: De-personalizing a home by removing family photos and personal items is a sensible idea. Be sure to organise cupboards to show buyers that there is plenty of storage rather than having overstuffed cupboards giving the impression of a storage shortage.
  3. Be the buyer’s imagination: When styling a home – it’s about selling a lifestyle to buyers who can see themselves in your home. Ensure furniture fits the size of the room and draw buyers’ attention away from any negatives such as poor outlooks by highlighting another nearby feature.
  4. Don’t forget the little things: Clean windows make a big difference – get a professional window cleaner. Greenery and leaves are much more affordable than fresh flowers each week during your advertising campaign but will still create the ambience you want buyers to feel when they walk through the door. If your property has minimal natural light, make sure all lighting is on and ask your agent to book optimal inspection times to maximise natural light.

At the Property Bureau, we represent our clients with the sale of their property by acting as as a Vendor Advocate.  Part of this process is offering our expert advice throughout the campaign and referring you to those who can help you with property styling to suit your budget.