5 Ways to Keep Your Rental Property Safe and Secure

As a rental property owner, one of your top priorities is to keep your properties safe and well-maintained. You should keep your rentals protected from anyone or anything that can cause damage to your properties, including past tenants, current tenants, and vandalizers. From adding security systems and cameras to installing additional locks, here are five tips to keep your properties secure.

Security Systems

Installing a security system is a popular way for many homeowners to protect their properties. Although it is a big investment, it is one of the most effective methods for securing a property. Most of today’s systems are easy to install and simple to use. Also, you can advertise to potential burglars and vandals that your property is protected by a security system.

Not all security systems are created equal. Be sure to shop around and find one that will best fit your needs. Do you want to be instantly alerted via smartphone app if something is awry? Do you want to include energy management and carbon monoxide detection? Have an idea of what you’ll need before you start looking so that you can end up with the type of system you want.

Installing Cameras

To step up your security efforts, you should think about installing a thermal camera (or a few) in the front and back of your properties. If you own multi-family properties that have tenants, you can install cameras at the front and back entrance of each unit. If your properties have stairwells, common areas or hallways, you can install cameras in each location.

As with the general security systems, know what you want from your security cameras. Is it just live feed or is it monitoring as well? Do you want motion activated sensors? Different camera features will be beneficial for different types and sizes of rental properties.

Window Security

Although some windows have locks, it does not prevent someone from breaking them. However, you can install additional locks because a person trying to break in might think twice if they see the added security. Installing window sensors will set off an alarm if someone is trying to break into your property through the windows.

Aside from securing your windows with additional locks, you want to make sure all your doors are secure, especially if your property is vacant. Add a security door to an existing front door, and install a deadbolt lock if one is not already there. An intercom system is a good way to keep burglars out of buildings and multi-family properties.

External Lighting

An effective way to deter potential trespassers is to install plenty of external lighting. Keep the main entrances of your rental properties well lit, and use motion-sensing lights that detect movement up to 12 or more feet in every direction. If you are worried about constantly changing the batteries, solar-powered external lighting systems are now available.

Security Guard

If you’re really worried about your property staying safe, you can always hire a security guard. This is typically best if you own a larger property, or multiple properties that are close together. It’s generally not worth it to hire a guard for one small location. Additionally, hiring a security guard or security company will be more influential if your buildings are in high-crime or high-risk areas. Just the mere presence of a security guard can be an automatic crime deterrent though.

Rental properties are a great investment. However, you need to protect the investment and keep the people who rent your properties safe. If you own several properties in different locations, you can call the local police and ask them to check your rentals for any suspicious activity.

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