3 reasons to consider investing in a new development in Western Sydney

Western Sydney is undergoing an amazing transformation with many new properties being developed in the region. There has also been a booming population with more affordable property prices, making it a more desirable location than ever before.

The NSW government is also investing billions of dollars in new projects and infrastructure across this region, increasing employment opportunities and new property developments in Western Sydney.

With the Western Sydney Aiport under construction bringing forward a unique opportunity, it is the perfect chance for investors to start looking at locations to secure. The development of this government project is going to provide a major boost to all the surrounding areas and be a game-changer for the region. With many new developments on the rise, it is going to unlock opportunities for new jobs and homes. It is one of the most significant projects in the area with other developments supporting the plan including rail networks, road upgrades and extensions.

What is the Aerotropolis? This is a metropolitan subregion whose infrastructure, land use and economy are centres on an airport. The Western Sydney Aerotropolis is going to contribute to the surrounding region with approximately 200,000 new jobs in a range of different industries including manufacturing, healthcare, freight, logistics, education and research industries.

“The region was also projected to have a 1.9% population growth each year for the next 20 years”

Why investing in new property developments in Western Sydney is a great idea

  • The buzzing lifestyle

New property developments in Western Sydney offer a vast landscape of greenery, open space and contemporary living arrangements. There are many different suburbs within this region that offer a warm community and friendly atmosphere. Western Sydney is a welcoming location that offers the convenience of urban life without being so close to the city.

New property developments in Western Sydney are also very close to public transport facilities, retail shops, educational facilities and eateries. With many new projects on the rise, including improvements to the roads, this region is becoming a popular option for homeowners and investors.

  • Location, location, location

The Western Sydney market is currently quite strong and there is a great demand. A great area to invest in within this region would be Parramatta. This particular suburb is slowly ranking to become Sydney’s second CBD. There are man new property developments on the rise within this region, driving growth in the city as well as increasing interest from investors.

  • Rental returns

The Western Sydney region is also a great location to receive a good rental return. When purchasing an investment property, location plays an integral part and goes hand in hand with acquiring financial rewards. New property developments in Western Sydney are being built in great locations, in close proximity to lifestyle amenities, shops, cafes and public transport.

With the new infrastructure and planned development of the Western Sydney airport, the rental return within these areas is certainly worthwhile. The advancements set out for Western Sydney are outstanding.

Do you want to start investing in property? New property developments in Western Sydney are certainly a great choice. Start your property search today!