Trending Designs for a Luxury and Cozy Bedroom

If you love to be up-to-date with all home trends from the basement to the attic, you must check out these beautiful, cozy and practical bedroom trends for 2018. They are easy to pull off, require little investment and bring amazing results! Take a look at what’s trending in bedrooms.

Hanging pendants

Ok, nightstand lamps might be a must-have element for bedrooms, but soon they will be joined with another practical and beautiful lighting fixture—hanging pendants! These fixtures come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles imaginable, so don’t hesitate to get an accent piece that will add some eclecticism and personality to your bedroom. And if you hang them just above your bed, you can even ditch the lamps altogether and free some space on your nightstand!

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Bold colors

White, beige and gray might still be the top color choices for the bedroom, but this year, we can expect to see more bold and brave colors rich in pigment entering the sleeping area. They can be present on accent walls, furniture and bed linen! These colors will give your bedroom a cozy, warm and moody vibe, especially if you use dark navy blue, rich emerald green or heavy violet!

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Dark wood

This year, it’s out with blond, bleached wood so popular in Scandinavian style and in with dark wood tones that reminisce of retro glamour. These wooden details will add some modern luxury to your space and turn your boring bedroom into a seductive boudoir! You can find a company that can build beautiful custom made furniture with dark wood specially for your bedroom.  This way, your trendy furniture will surely be a perfect fit! Additionally, dark wood mixes great with metallic details like handles, edges and legs, so make sure to bring that wood/metal fusion into your bedroom. Rich walnut and gold or brass is also a sophisticated combo for your vanity or mirror.

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Décor inspired by travel

Today, traveling is not only a hobby, but a lifestyle. So, it’s not surprising that many people want to show off their adventurous spirit by incorporating different details and elements they picked up on their travels into their home’s interior. Middle Eastern terracotta shades, natural clay décor and tribal prints will be especially huge this year. They are very easy to incorporate into the bedroom with just a natural, woven throw, a few global-inspired pillows and a few decorative sculptures, bowls and prints.

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Tropical vibe

Just like last year, the tropical vibe is still holding its ground and is slowly moving into the bedroom. So, think plenty of foliage (especially Swiss cheese plants and palm leaves) and plenty of lush greens. Opt for rich shades of green that will give your space a relaxing look instead of that vibrant, carnivalesque vibe that is better suited for other spaces in a home. These shades also mix very well with dark wood and metallic accents that are so trendy right now. You can finish off this look with a few nature-inspired décor elements like bird sculptures and wildlife wallpapers.

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Lux marble

Marble is making a huge comeback, so if you’ve always loved this luxury and elegant materials, it’s the perfect time to incorporate it into your bedroom. Everything from marble lamps and nightstand tops to floors and wallpaper will give your space a trendy look!

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So, choose the style you like the most and give your bedroom a little makeover. You’ll spend only a few dollars but end up with amazing results that will put your bedroom right in the center of the interior design map!


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