Renovate Your Bathroom in a Planned Manner

Bathroom renovations are the most overlooked and delayed. The reason for this is because it’s the most expensive form of renovation even though it is the smallest space in the house. There are many things that need to be considered when you plan to renovate your bathroom. The more you delay the more money on spend.  Therefore, bathroom renovations should be done at regular intervals to avoid leaking pipes, choked drains, broken tiles, faulty electrical wiring or seeping walls.

bathroom renovations

Below are the things that you need to consider before you take a hammer in your hand because bathroom renovations are high investment and can be done once, so do it right. Otherwise you will have to live with the blunders you made till you can gather up enough money to renovate the bathrooms again.

Planning Accordingly

Bathroom renovations should begin with designing the bathroom. Only replacing the existing fixtures and fittings might not always help. The bathroom design should be such that it gets ample sunlight and air to keep the place well ventilated and dry. Having a well-planned bathroom that is equally well maintained can add to the property’s value and enhance the interior décor.

  • Construction Process – If your bathroom needs construction like erecting a wall or replacing a wall to make it more spacious, it should be done first. The existing plasters on the walls or the tiles should be removed so that new ones can be fixed to fortify the walls from any leakage.
  • Plumbing – After the initial construction or rectification is complete, it is time to pay heed to the plumbing lines. They may need to be shifted or the leaking pipes to be replaced. Even some extra lines may be added to cater for some area having a source of water. Once the plumbing lines are correctly laid, it is time to consider the electrical wiring.
  • Replacing The Electrical Wiring – The electrical wires become vulnerable, particularly in the bathroom, as the area gathers more moisture than any part of the home. any open wires become a source of electrical shock, and can cause fatal damages. Therefore, changing the electrical lines and sockets should be done appropriately.
  • Fortifying The Floors – It is now time to reinforce the floor of the bathrooms. It is one of the most significant aspects of bathroom renovations Make the floor strong using the best cement available in the market else any leakage can damage the lower floors’ ceilings (if the bathroom is on the upper levels of the house). After the floor base is prepared, it is time to lay floor tiles or marbles as per your choice.
  • Fixing Wall Tiles – Once the floor is complete, it is time to fix the wall tiles on the already baked walls. There are many types, designs patterns and sizes of wall tiles available in the market, choose the right one according to your budget.
  • Fixing The Accessories – After the construction is complete, including the drain outlets and pipes, it is time to fix the bathroom accessories. Fix the bathtub, commode, taps, shower outlets, geysers, mirrors, storage racks and so on as per your need. It is the last step of bathroom renovations. Paint the ceiling and clean the bathroom to use it.

bathroom renovations


Following the above steps in a planned manner can save you huge amount of money. However, bathroom renovations should always be done by the expert professionals like masons, electricians and plumbers; else, the process can be more vulnerable and costly as they are well equipped and trained