Looking for split system installation in Sydney? Read this article to know on using split AC effectively

If you live in Sydney, you are probably aware of how temperature changes between hot and cold throughout the year. People may experience soaring hot summer and then switching it to frosty cold winters with temperatures going as below as 13 degrees. Weather conditions may change without any given notice. Therefore, planning and ensuring that your house or office is well climate-controlled is crucial. One of the best ways to do so is by installing a split system air conditioner.

In Sydney, the installation of a split system air conditioner is used to ensure that you get an adequate amount of heating and cooling which doesn’t let you freeze or boil during the year. This winter, make the most out of reverse cycle air conditioners and enjoy the warmth.

Consider these 3 simple tips on how you can make the best use of a split system air conditioner this winter.

1) Keeping Filters Dust Free

Regardless of whether you want to use the split system during summer or winter, one thing to understand this very clearly is keeping the filters clean and dust-free. This is the least you can do as basic care for your split system to avoid dysfunction. Filters are meant to provide clean and fresh air that eliminates the dust and debris present in the air around the room. If they are blocked by dust particles then their ability to provide you a high-quality airflow decreases. Those with asthma, allergies, or any respiratory illness understands the importance of good quality air.

The split system functions to provide dry and warm air like a typical heater. The last thing you would want is a clogged filter that contains recycled dust or animal fur. Plus it becomes difficult for a split system to function effectively. Therefore, cleaning the split system’s filters every 3-4 months will not provide you fresh and clean air, but also saves you a lot of money. Remember Clean filters = clean air and lower energy output.

2) Changing The Thermostats

Weather changes are unpredictable. The climatic change leaves you unsure when a hot and warm day could turn into a chilly cold day. During times like this, one might forget to change the split system temperature setting from cool to heat or heat to cool. It sounds silly, but often people forget to set the temperature when the weather changes. You may even feel like increasing the temperature and setting the thermostat up to 27°C to turn your house into a personal sauna. Although the offer might sound tempting, this might add extra numbers to your electricity bills. Many split system providers suggest keeping the heating temperature between 17-20°C. Compared to the below-average temperature outside, this is still a reasonable choice that can reduce the electricity bill.

3) Keeping The System Clean

While keeping filters clean will help the unit produce good quality air, maintaining the cleanliness of the whole system will facilitate the proper functioning of the unit. You can start the cleaning process of the unit by switching the power off and checking the instruction manual. This will help you understand the unit in detail and know if it has any specific requirements. The next thing to do is to vacuum and wipe off any dust present in the unit. Clean the outer unit by removing the dirt, dead bugs, cobwebs, and twigs.

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