Everything You Need To Know About Pool Heat Pump Installation

Even though people in Sydney are blessed with a warm climate, there are still a few months of cool weather all year round. The change in temperature and climate in general causes people to feel upset about not having a swim time! Reason? Icy-cold water and cold breeze. This is the main reason why people are unable to make good use of their swimming pool. But if you’re someone who doesn’t seem to be able to stay away from enjoying pool life even in the winters, you might want to consider installing a pool heat pump. Installation of a pool heat pump is probably one of the best investments a person can make while building a pool for their home.

While buying a swimming pool heat pump, it is important to consider what is the strength of the pump and how much energy will it consume to operate? In this guide, we will understand the types of heat pumps and their advantages.

Types of Pool Heat Pumps 

Typically, a person can find swimming pool heat pumps in Sydney that are powered either by gas, electricity, or solar power. Depending on your personal preference, you can select which system will be best for your pool

Solar Heat Pump 

Solar heat pumps are gaining popularity every day, simply because they are very cheap. However, the cost of setting up these pumps is collectively high and can cost you several thousand dollars. Since these heat pumps run from solar energy, the location where you want to consider the installation should be concerning the sun. Compared to an indoor solar heater pump, the outdoor solar pump is cheaper and easier to install. One of the key benefits of installing a solar heat pump is that it requires no maintenance and is ready for use.

Electric Heat Pump

As the name says, Electric heat pumps function only on electric energy. They operate similarly to electric hot water tanks where the coil gets heated first and then it heats the water. The process of heating pool water through electric heat pumps is slow but consistent and one need not worry about the loss of energy. The installation costs of electric heat pumps are higher, but they last for years and years and are much more energy-efficient.

Gas Heat Pump 

Gas heat pumps are capable enough to heat even a large and wider swimming pool much more quickly than any other type of heating pump. It can function either when they are piped directly from the utility company or by installing propane-fueled models. They are great when it comes to maintaining consistent temperature even during temperature shifts. Although during cold weather, they can use a lot of gas. There are three types of gas heat pumps:

  • Tank Heating Pumps
  • Convection Heating Pumps
  • Coil Gas Heaters

Coil gas heaters are used for big swimming pools and spas. While convection and tank heating pumps are used for small swimming pools and spas.

Advantages of Heat Pumps 

Here are a few advantages of a swimming pool heat pump:

  • Autonomous property management
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low noise
  • Durable

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