Home and Garden Improvement Checklist for Spring

Now that we have seen the end of heavy rain and snow, it is time to get your home and garden ready for the summer. We have given a few pointers on how you can get your home prepared for the summer with a handy guide of improvements that are easy and affordable to implement.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

All the rooms in your home will need airing out, and a clean in the spring. Kitchens and bathrooms suffer due to dampness and heat variations. Check your bathroom for mold and give all the surfaces from floor to ceiling a thorough clean with a wet cloth to revitalize the tiles and flooring. Spring is a great time to empty out the cupboards in your kitchen to give you access to all the areas where dirt and grime can build up over the winter months. Use a kitchen cleaner to wipe all the cupboard spaces, and this will not only clean the areas but also give your cupboards a newer feel.

Windows and Guttering

Having clean windows and guttering can make your home look much more appealing and is free, as well as easy to do. Using a ladder, you should check all the guttering to make sure that there are no leaks which can let water drip down the side of your house. Remove debris from the gutters such as leaves, small twigs, and bird mess that may lead to blockages. Using a brush and soapy water, you should wash the inside and outside of the gutters, pay extra attention around the holding brackets as dirt will build up in these areas. To get your windows looking brand new, you should first open them up so you can clear any dirt from the hinge areas as these are often overlooked, use a duster or slightly damp cloth to clean the metalwork around the hinges. Now you can close the windows and start washing the glass as usual and then pay extra attention to the plastic or woodwork holding the glass, make sure you remove all the dirt.

Get the Garden Ready for the Summer

Many of us like to spend time sitting outside when the weather allows, and there a few things we can do to make the experience better. Brush along all the pathways and decking areas with a stiff broom to lift any dirt that has stuck to the surfaces. Decide how you want to use the space outside for sitting in the summer. You may want to buy an outdoor heater to make it more comfortable in the evenings when entertaining. Check what lighting you have and decide if you need more to give you maximum use of the space. Add antique wall lighting to provide the area with a contemporary setting, and this will give your outdoor eating area more appeal. Have a look at the table and chairs you have outside as these may have deteriorated over the winter if not stored inside. Clean them down with a wet cloth, and if they look a bit tired, you may want to invest in a new set for the summer.

Lawn and Plant Beds

During the winter, it is easy to forget about the garden, and this can leave your lawn and plant beds in need of a clean up to be ready for the summer blooms. Rake of any leaves that are still on your grass, most should have composted back into the soil, but you may have a few that need to be removed. Lawns can get compacted in the winter with heavy rain and snow, which means you may want to aerate the grass using a garden fork or aerator if you have one. Turn over the soil in your plant beds to break up any compacted soil, and this will make it easier for your summer plants to grow and become established. Tidy up the plant bed edges using an edge cutter or a spade to make the border area appear more defined; this can make your garden look maintained, even the gardens that have been left alone all winter.

Be Summer Ready

By following our advice above, you will be taking a positive step towards having a home and garden that you and your family can enjoy throughout the summer months. For those with bigger budgets, there are other improvements you can make to have a great summer at home.



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