DIY Ideas That Actually Boost Home Value

If you’re thinking of selling but you aren’t too keen on lashing out a big amount of money right this moment, here are the most practical and almost free solutions for you. You needn’t hire professionals, yet you will achieve the same results. As a matter of fact, you’ll be surprised just how much you can improve your living space and you probably won’t even want to sell once you are done with remodelling. Without further ado, here are some of the best DIY projects to increase your home’s value.

First and foremost, get rid of everything you no longer need. Over the years it is inevitable that your home has become filled with things you don’t need any longer, such as your children’s old toys, broken appliances, or perhaps some hobby gear lying in the attic. Make three piles: donate, sell, or keep, and decide what stays and what goes.

Also, try to arrange your home in the best way possible, and to keep everything in place. Nothing puts off a prospective buyer such as a messy home since they immediately project the whole picture onto the overall state of the home (insulation, appliances etc.).

Become a painter
Only for a short while, that is. This is something you can easily do yourself. As for the choice of colours, it’s best if you stick to neutral shades (beige, white, grey) in all rooms, even children’s. The reason for this is the fact that it’s easier for buyers to imagine themselves in a room which does not show off someone’s specific taste. Not everyone is a fan of dark, dramatic walls, for instance, or they will imagine a home gym instead of your study.

What is more, you can increase the curb appeal by painting your old garage door. Check the latest garage door colour trends and see which one would be the best for your house. It’s vital to make the door more attractive since it adds a lot to the overall curb appeal. The nicer your house looks from the street, the more buyers will come knocking at your door.

Replace the carpets
You’ll have to invest a little bit here, but it will be worth it. Surely new owners aren’t thinking about keeping your rugs and carpets, but they actually add a lot to the visual appeal of the room.

New drapes
Similarly to the previous one, hardly anyone is going to ask whether the drapes come with the house, but they are there to visually enlarge the space and make it look more luxurious.

Green grass of home
Take a good look around. Would you say your garden looks nice and neat? If not, it’s high time you did something about it. In case the front lawn is in bad shape, consider giving it up since it only lowers the home value. Nobody wishes to waste water on lawn maintenance today. Instead, make a plan and plant some succulents and local species. Having your own fruit and vegetable garden is also highly recommendable and trendy.

Kitchen crafts
There are so many things that can be done without spending a fortune on new appliances or cabinets. First of all, with a bit of skill, you can easily repaint the existing ones, and replacing the cabinet knobs will give them a totally new look. You can easily go from traditional to modern with this simple act. In addition, changing the backsplash is easier than you can imagine, and it completely changes the atmosphere.

Bathroom tricks
Replacing the caulking goes without saying, but here is what other little things can come in handy. A new shower curtain is inexpensive, yet effective. Replace the old faucet for a new, updated look. Get new towel bars (and new towels, for that matter), hang a suitable art piece on the wall, and you’ll have yourself a brand new bathroom.
Additionally, you could buy a new vanity, but it can also be changed by buying new knobs.

All of these are pretty mundane, aren’t they? Still, that is not to say these DIYs don’t require some effort. Painting is no mean feat, and nor is gardening, but you will see soon enough that it was absolutely worth it, just like the rest of our suggestions.


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