How To Build Your Own Investment Property With Property Investing Books

updated 4th October 2016

Property Investing Books

Finding the best among the unending list of real estate books can be a daunting task. For you to invest in properties, you need to read a good and updated real estate book. The worst thing that can happen to you as an investor in properties is to read a book that slashes property prices to half of what the current value is. From research, it has been proven that a good general investment book sometimes can be as much use as a core real estate investment book. Acquiring a book that lays bay the facts about property investing just like some other investment sectors will be beneficial to the real estate investing guiding him in his investment in this sector. Your question might be; how do I know a good property investment book?

When searching for a property investment book, look out for books that are written in an easy to follow manner. A good real estate investment book is written with a step by step approach. After reading the book, the reader’s confidence should be boosted to start building their real estate investment portfolio. The figures in real estate sometimes can be cumbersome, so it is good that the writer presents these information and figures in a more entertaining manner. Let us analyze some of these great real estate investment books.

More Wealth from Residential Property by Jan Somers

More wealth from residential property treats every aspect of purchasing residential property making it an interesting real estate investing book. It handles the step by step details and stages you need to go when acquiring your investment property be it the first or the tenth. The writer brings her writing home in a fun loving way bearing in the mind that most of her readers might be reading a property investment book for the first time. In one chapter, Jan Shomers talks about renting against buying your residential house. She said that considering the figures in buying your own house, living in your own house offers a great psychological advantage. This is a fantastic point from this writer in her professional approach to real estate investment. Jan in her books does not lose the essence of reality unlike other writers.

What I Didn’t Learn at School but Wish I Had by Jamie McIntyre

This book by Jamie McIntyre though a general property investment book uncovers some great truth and strategies of real estate. The first half of this book elaborated on the mental aspect of investing successfully. Jamie McIntyre termed it “developing the mindset of a millionaire”. You might be tempted to skip this part of this great book but the truth is no matter the fantastic strategies you have, without developing your mental investment muscles, it will definitely be hard for you to succeed. Though “what I didn’t learn at school but wish I had” by Jamie treated the “nitty gritty” or property investment, it also presented elaborate and fantastic strategies to investors of real estate.

The other good property investment book is “Go for Your Life” by Chris Grey. This book though with fantastic ideas in it did not receive its deserved accolades anywhere. You can say it is a combination of the two property books above. It explains how the author slowly purchased the six investment properties he owns now. In this great book Chris explains how you do not need to acquire 100 properties for you to be termed a successful real estate investment and enjoy life luxuries.

The books discussed are embedded, they offer some wonderful real estate investment tips aimed at helping you attain your goals. The only lacking ingredient in all the property investment books ever written is that thing that will gear you up to act on these strategies. That ingredient can only be discovered by you. Read as many property books as you want, but if there is no corresponding action from you, success will definitely elude you. what are you waiting for, take that action today and start building your investment portfolio.

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