The Essential of Contemporary Real Estate Branding

With the rise of technology and the internet, brands get access to many platforms where they can advertise even for free, but the most important thing is to come up with an effective branding strategy that stands out from the crowd. Here are three key things that deserve your attention if you want to build a powerful strategy that will position your brand higher than the competition.

Understanding Modern Consumers

Thanks to the growing global economy, nowadays consumers have a variety of choices which make them more demanding when it comes to deciding what and where to purchase. Brokerages must understand that it’s not only the product that sells but things like social proof, personalized service, and genuine human connection heavily influence consumer’s purchasing decisions.

Real estate companies are required to build a contemporary branding strategy that will establish them as a brand with a trustful reputation that attracts and wins the consumers over the competition. For this reason, Person-to-Person (P2P) marketing is the most effective way to create a personalized experience for the consumers and gain their trust. Brokerages with a powerful branding strategy are able to give strong support to their realtors and leverage their personal brands to win over buyers.

Real Estate Branding Techniques

Consistency is the number one principle to respect when creating a branding strategy, but it could be very challenging for brands to stay consistent especially when there are so many channels and mediums where they can promote their businesses. Another problem is that real estate agents often create content by themselves that might affect the brokerage’s message and quality.

Visual designers are the ones to turn to when brokerages need to balance things out between their brands and the realtors’ personal brands. These professionals will create engaging content that is in sync with the brand’s goals and send it through the right channels to reach the targeted consumer group and result in a purchase. Going by what this contemporary visual design master says, visual designers are here to help brands communicate with the public and make sure that their messages don’t fall by the wayside by creating a recognizable brand logo and slogan, coming up with signature colors, fonts, and graphics that consumers will easily recognize and creating content that supports the brand’s mission.

Generating Unique Ideas

Brokerages that allow professionals to take care of their branding strategy including the content creation process can offer strong support to their agents giving them all the necessary resources for them to build a personal brand without breaking company-wide policies. They should understand that giving a bank of content to agents is worth nothing without proper training and guidelines on how to use it in the most effective way.

Another thing that ambitious brokerages need to understand when it comes to content is that posting photos of properties won’t necessarily attract more consumers because almost everyone else is trying to sell in the same way. For instance, instead of just showing the property, help the potential clients imagine themselves living or working in the property that you are advertising by sharing information about the area, the amenities, the facilities, nearby schools or even interview locals about the advantages of living or working in that area.

Forget about boring sales pitches and provide valuable information when your clients are asking you questions about real estate. A recent report suggests that 85% of buyers and sellers prefer to work with agents who offer video marketing, but only 15% of agents use videos in their listings, which means that those that want to be on top of the game must use creative media tools to attract more attention.

Eventually, contemporary real estate branding is all about making a difference in the consumer’s experience by keeping a consistent message that builds trust, providing genuine human connection, sharing valuable information and developing creative marketing solutions that tell stories and put consumers’ desires and needs front and center.

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