Buying a Home? Don’t Forget to Do These Things

Buying a home is oftentimes a really long and tiresome process. By the time you get to the end of it and waiting for the final signature on the contract, it’s fairly easy to become impatient and overlook certain things which can bother you a lot in the future. However, the game ain’t over yet, and this is what you have to do prior to finally calling the estate your new home.

Check the drainage diagram

Or the so-called sewerage service diagram. This is an official document showing the location of all the pipes and wastewater systems, as well as any renovations that were done. If you’re planning on moving into a house which has a redecorated kitchen/bathroom with brand new utilities, you are obliged to check if there have been any alternations when it comes to the drainage system. Perhaps it was required, but they failed to do it.

Any inscriptions such as “work does not comply” or “final inspection required” are red flags indicating there may be something wrong. Therefore, always check this first.

Inspect the plumbing

Now that you have covered the sewage system, take a closer look at the overall plumbing in your future home. Are the pipes well insulated? Are there any leaking spots? Is the pressure adjusted? Pay special attention to the valves. They need to be of excellent quality. Otherwise, you could face a flood, leaking and all the issues coming with it.  

Notice the cracks

Take your time and spend it on watching out for any cracks on the wall. Hairline cracks are nothing to worry about, whereas doors which can’t latch are a warning sign. Also, if you notice any cracks where the walls meet the ceilings, that points out a serious structural problem.

Now, if you are being persuaded that nothing is wrong and yet you feel uneasy, spending money on a surveyor is highly recommendable.

Check the insulation

You must have seen the monthly utility bills, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save more on the energy than the previous owner. Ask for detailed explanation about the type of insulation used, i.e. its R-value. In warmer parts of the world, R25 to R30 is an acceptable rating. However, considering the latest green trends when it comes to real estate, you really wish to have a house which is properly insulated so as to sell it easily someday.

Paint it

If you aren’t planning on doing something extremely complicated, painting is a rather straightforward DIY project. Still, don’t forget to buy paints which are marked as “low VOC”, or even better, “no VOC”. These compounds have been proved to affect our health greatly, and they are especially dangerous if some of the family members are suffering from asthma.

Nevertheless, painting just the wall isn’t going to suffice. Dark roofing is a massive contributor to heat retention and high monthly bills in summer, so you had better repaint it into a lighter nuance.

Replace the switch plates

Even houses that have had certain renovation processes can have these overlooked. Not only do old and mismatched outlets and cover plates look dirty and unappealing, but they can also be out of work. By replacing them, you’ll add a breath of fresh air. However, if you’re replacing electrical devices, it’s best to hire a professional.

Remember the closing costs

Just when you are about to call it a day, another expense is on the horizon. A lot of lenders demand from buyers to pay the closing costs, ranging from 2% to 5% of the sale price. While some lenders cover one part of this (such is the case with big banking programs), most expect you to pay it off immediately or sometimes allow you to include it in the mortgage payment.

Changing the locks

Finally, as you have done it so many times before, change the locks on the exterior doors. If you feel like it, you can even replace the whole front door and change the house’s appearance.

You are bound to feel overwhelmed with the whole process about closing the deal, but you should really check some of these first before signing anything. Also, as you have seen, some “negligible” changes can go a long way.


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