Matching Your Home Security System To Your Lifestyle

With the bewildering amount of security options available it can be a challenge to determine what will best suit your personal circumstances. The days when all you needed to consider was the type of locks, and perhaps an alarm, are long gone. Today there’s an increasing number of ‘smart’ choices out there, from self-closing locks, remotely activated doors, CCTV, live video feeds, alarms that alert if a person falls…. And that’s not even the half of it!

The following are aspects to consider when determining what you really need to both protect your home AND fit in with the lifestyle you (and your family) lead.

Is your property left empty for long periods?

Professional burglars are, sadly, a methodical and patient breed… If they want to target a house they’ll carry out enough research to know if a house is regularly left empty. And, let’s face it, in many cases we have no choice but do this – we all have to go to work. But there are now many smart devices that can do a lot to create the illusion that someone’s at home to deter such wrongdoers. These include:

  • Smart lights that turn on and off at pre-programmed times
  • Smart devices, such as turning the TV on and off, or the radio or music system
  • Smart curtains and blinds that automatically draw as the sun drops and open again in the morning

All of these can be used to replicate a routine that makes it appear as though someone is in. And this, for would-be thieves, makes a property far less attractive and increases the likelihood that they’ll turn their attention to easier pickings elsewhere.

Do you have pets?

You might want an alarm system but have pets that are free to wander the house. And the last thing you want is for them to be continually triggering the system. There are various methods to prevent this happening, ranging from where you point the sensors to only arming external entry points to smart motion sensors that can determine if it’s an animal as opposed to a human triggering the response. In such a case, chatting to an alarm supplier before having an alarm installed is preferable. But if there’s already one in place they can also advise on how to rejig a pre-existing security system.

What about a live video feed?

This might be an option if, say, you have kids that are left at home with sitters or nannies and you’d like to be able to check in remotely. Such a feature can really create peace of mind that your youngsters are happy and well cared for.

Retirees and those with pre-existing conditions

If you’ve got elderly or infirm relatives it can be a real comfort to install a system that includes a personal alarm. This could include a button on the wall (or pull cord), and/or a pendant or bracelet to wear. Such devices can be activated by the user if needed, and can also sense if someone has fallen and send an alert to a mobile phone or personal device. Such security systems are beneficial for both the user – who’ll appreciate this extra level of safety, especially at times when they’re alone – and for family and carers who can rest assured that should something happen they’ll be alerted immediately.

And what about when an alarm is triggered?

What do you want to happen? If you live close by it can be helpful to get an alert to your personal device. But what if you’re not? In such a case you might want a monitoring service included in your package, so you’re safe in the knowledge that a team will be dispatched to your property should an alarm go off.

As you can see, there’s an awful lot to be considered to ensure that home security fits in with your personal circumstances. Perth based Crown Security are experts in creating systems that work for your lifestyle. With intimate expertise of the very latest security devices, their friendly team will be more than happy to discuss your options and come up with the best solution for your needs. Check them out at or call them on 08 9400 6000 for a no-obligation chat.