Wollongong Real Estate

If you are a local looking to buy a property for yourself or to invest in Wollongong or the Illawarra region, you might have noticed it. Prices have risen in recent years. Ever wonder why?

Well here are 5 quick reasons:

1: Wollongong is awesome – it has critical mass as one of NSW top 2 regional areas along with Newcastle, and a growing population.

2: The Ocean – it’s not hard to miss, the entire city backs onto some of the best beaches in Australia.

3: The Escarpment – apart from looking amazing the cliff line does one incredible thing to Wollongong… it constrains (restricts) development. It basically forces any population growth to be reflected in prices instead of urban sprawl.

4: Proximity to Sydney – this one is a double edged sword. Plenty of people commute full or part time, and many more are in the process of leaving Sydney and relocating south for lifestyle. This is a trend that simply will not stop any time soon and it means growth will continue. It also means prices will keep rising over time. Depending on your point of view this might be a good or bad thing.

5: Gentrification – gradually the grungy steel town of the 80’s is transforming itself as a cutting edge centre for excellence in tech, health, education and service industries. The coffee is a lot better than a few yrs ago too.

Either way, these factors mean buying property just got harder. Sellers and their agents are savvy, they want top dollar (or more) and competition for the best properties, or the best deals is difficult.

Traffic is increasing, resulting in longer travel times around the Gong.

Busy school & work schedules, plus Saturday sport and modern life has families busier than ever. How do you find the time to do genuine research and locate that perfect property?

Precium can help. Precium is the original and most trusted Wollongong Buyer’s Agent.

We created Precium because we believe nobody should ever get ripped off when buying real estate.

We work exclusively for buyers to find their ideal property, whether that is a family home, an investment, a holiday home or development site.

We created a way to help make researching, finding & buying properties safer, faster, easier for sensible people who already have a life to live and don’t want to lose years making mistakes along the learning curve.

Leverage our experience, our research and our networks. Get better results.

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