Choose Your Fence Wisely

Picking the right fence is almost as important as deciding on the look of your home. If you pick wrongly, it will ruin the whole picture. On the other hand, if you opt for the right one, it will complement your house nicely and even increase the property value. Therefore, let’s see which factors you should have in mind prior to making the final decision.

The purpose

First of all, decide why exactly you need a fence around your home.

  • Appearance fencing – this one is there not just so you could feast your eyes, but it increases the curb appeal for sure.
  • Privacy fencing – for creating your own private area, without any prying eyes.
  • Security fencing – this also differs depending on whether you are trying to keep the children in, prevent pets from running away, or the primary goal is stopping trespassers from entering the property.

The Style

Take a good look at your home. What architectural style does it belong to? What about the landscaping? Don’t forget to mention these when enquiring about a fence.

The Budget

Determining the budget is not so easy. First of all, this is a long-term investment, so sometimes it pays off to pay extra because, in the long run, it will be worth it. Nevertheless, some cheap options may cost you an arm and a leg later because the installation is pricey, or the maintenance turns out to be expensive.

Fence types

If we omit the chain link and farm fence (most suitable for schools, or farms), you can choose among these: bamboo, wrought iron, aluminium, wood, vinyl, PVC and electric fences. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a closer look.

Bamboo Fences

Being an extremely eco-friendly choice, bamboo fences are only gaining on their popularity. The bamboo is grown naturally, and it is also a fast-growing plant, so no wonder people adore it. You can have live bamboo, bamboo cane and rolled bamboo. As the name suggests, live bamboo is indeed live – this fence will grow in height every year!

Wrought Iron Fences

A sign of class and distinction. It’s not considered very private since everyone is able to see into your front garden, but hardly anyone is looking behind those mesmerizing works of art. They are expensive since they are all custom-made and welding professionals can do wonders with this material.

Bear in mind, though, that wrought iron fences are to be sanded or repainted every two or three years.

Aluminium Fences

A much cheaper option and almost maintenance free. You only need to choose the right paint for it. Still, it’s not very strong, so the security level is rather low. They can look very attractive, though.

Wood Fences

Wood possesses certain warmth, doesn’t it? That’s why so many homeowners have their heart set on this material. It gives you a lot of options, too. Depending on the type of wood, fence height and its size, the price can vary greatly. Installation can also take a while, but on the bright side, this fence can last a lifetime.

Vinyl Fences

Wood is durable, but some argue that vinyl fences are five times more resistant than wood fences. What we can vouch for with certainty is that it requires no maintenance and resists paint. Therefore, it’s really easy to clean, especially if you live in an area with lots of graffiti artists. The installation cost is high, but considering its durability, Vinyl fencing is totally worth it.

PVC Fences

Probably the cheapest option on this list. PVC fencing can last for years since it’s quite resistant to all the rain and other elements. As for the variety of height and colours, you are to be spoiled with choice.

Electric Fences

Invisible fences are needed when you are dealing with uninvited guests, i.e. stray dogs for instance, or some other animals. However, don’t think it will automatically buzz every animal. There is a battery-powered collar which gives out a warning sound signal that only animals can hear.

In addition, this kind of fencing can be used to prevent burglars or any similar uninvited guests from trespassing. As for the electricity bill, you needn’t worry since the latest fences have energy saving options.

Now that you know which factors to take into consideration, take some time and decide on your priorities. And don’t worry about whether you’ll find one to match your home. Whichever option you go for, today’s market has an excellent offer.

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