5 Ways To Protect Your Home Over Summer

Do you fling open your doors and windows at the first sign of summer to welcome in the new season?  But have you thought about whether you may be welcoming in some unwanted guests too?

Unsecured doors and windows are a real security risk and provide criminals with easy access to your property and your valuables.

But keeping safe in summer doesn’t mean you have to compromise your lifestyle.  There are plenty of things you can do to protect your home and your assets whilst you enjoy the warmer weather. 

Here are five of the best suggestions from the security experts themselves:

1.            Secure your doors and windows

Thieves will always be looking for an opportunity to grab and go, and if a property ‘invites’ them in through open windows and doors, they’ll be sure to take advantage.  Consider installing security screens, latches and other reliable locking mechanisms that provide protection for your doors and windows – and remember that you should always secure your property’s access points even when you’re at home. 

Another important thing to remember is not to leave valuables within reach through an open window.  Wallets, mobile phones, car keys and digital devices are primary targets for thieves because they’re easy to pick up and conceal – so keep your precious things out of sight and out of reach!

2.            Perimeter protection

Thieves will be looking for places where they can hide until the coast is clear.  Keep hedges and shrubs trimmed back so they can’t lurk in the undergrowth and make sure your perimeter security (eg fence, hedge, wall etc) is sufficiently solid to prevent, or at least, deter access.

3.            Light the night

Summer means al fresco entertaining – so you should have good security lighting (including motion-activated sensor lights) around your home to deter and detect uninvited visitors.  

4.            Holiday security

Avoid leaving your home vulnerable to criminals when you go on your summer holiday.  Remember to cancel any newspaper deliveries, tidy up your garden, ask a trusted neighbour to park their car in your driveway every now and then to make the property appear inhabited, install a timer switch on some internal and external lights, lock up your valuables in a safe and make sure all your doors and windows are properly secured.  

5.            Install a home security system

A quality home alarm system is your best defence against criminals – all year round.  They are a good visual deterrent and they will alert you, your neighbours and authorities (if they are monitored 24/7 by an alarm receiving centre) in the event of a break-in.

Don’t let criminals spoil your summer fun.  A quality home alarm system from a reputable company is a sensible and worthwhile investment and provides peace-of-mind that that the things you value most – people, property and possessions – are safe and secure.

Let Crown Security, industry leaders in home alarms and CCTV in Perth, take care of your home security while you enjoy the best of the West Australian climate.  They are trusted and experienced professionals in every aspect of home security in Perth including alarm systems, access control, CCTV and security cameras and they will work out the most practical, effective and affordable solution for you. 

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