The Growing Importance of Commercial Pest Control during COVID-19

The current COVID-19 Pandemic has affected many businesses worldwide, causing a lot of stress and pressure. To fight the coronavirus, various business and health care institutes are striving day and night, however, this is not all that is required, the operation of big business that supply products and essential services are important.

With fewer people on the streets and less food and garbage lying around, the number of pests has increased, and now not only are they targeting homes but also businesses.

As it is a known fact, that pests such as birds, cockroaches, and flies carry with them a wide variety of diseases and sickness, it is best to keep these pests away from your business, especially since good health and strong immunity systems are crucial at this point to be able to face this pandemic. Therefore, it is of vital importance to control pests like cockroaches, birds, and flies.

How Pests Affect Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Commercial warehouses and business buildings are the perfect hideout for cockroaches, flies, birds, and various other pests as they need not worry about being disturbed by any humans. It is very easy for cockroaches to make their way into the area through the drains and vents whereas the birds find it easy to damage the rooftops and enter the area to nest away without any human disturbance and ample amount of food and water supply.

Regardless of your business being a part of the food and pharmaceutical industry or not, it is not safe for use, if it has come into contact with cockroaches, bird dropping, and other pests.

Once they have access to your commercial building area, they can cause severe damage by nibbling on electrical wires, damaging your rooftops and ledges with nesting material, and spread diseases by contaminating your products.

Their presence can also cause your employees to fall ill, creates a stressful environment for them to work in knowing that there are pests around and it is not advisable to have pests such as cockroaches, birds or flies roaming the area especially since sanitization and good hygiene is essential during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

How can You Control Them?

1. Removing Cockroaches:

Cockroaches enter through drains and sewers and hide in the cracks, crevices, or dark places and only come out at night in search of food.

You can prevent or control cockroaches by getting the area and equipment inspected, eliminating any food sources by clearing out the bins and storing food securely, practicing good sanitation and hygiene practices, sealing any cracks or crevices, ensuring your drains and vents are securely fitted, and sealing off any entrances or traveling routes in your commercial building.

2. Controlling flies:

Once they have entered, it is very difficult to control flies as due to being small in size, it is very easy for flies to enter your commercial place.

However, you can stop or control an infestation of flies by practicing good hygiene, cleaning garbage bins and drains regularly, disposing of food and waste effectively, using insect screens and LED light traps, sealing off any gaps in the building that is allowing them access, keeping the doors and windows shut when it is not being used, and using smart door designs to prevent the access of flies.

3. Stored Product Insect Control:

Dried products like cereals, nuts, spices, dried fruits, milk powder, tea bags, seeds, preserved meat, and grains, all attract stored product insects.

To prevent stored product insects from harboring your products or to control the existing infestation, you must get rid of infested items, inspect the items and packaging as these insects are knowing for not only targeting open food but also sealed packages, inspect newly delivered items for any evidence of it being tampered with, use air-tight containers to store items or use a freezer if appropriate, Check the use-by date and manufactured dates, remove any crumbs or spills and keep the storage area clean and sanitised and use older products before the new stock.

4. Bird Control:

Birds are not only known for damaging your rooftops but for also littering the place with their nesting material and feathers.

To prevent the birds from accessing your commercial place, you need to remove any spillages, keep the doors and windows shut, garbage bins and waste containers should be bird proof, removing any still water sources, keeping the place clean and hygienic, and checking storage areas for any tampering by birds.

To stop an infestation, you can even use netting, electric bird deterrents, bird traps, needle strips, scaring devices, automatic doors, or vertical plastic strips.

The Vital Role of Commercial Pest Control During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Commercial pest control service is vital for businesses to allow them the ability to provide safe, hygienic, and secure services and products during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A pest infestation of cockroaches and flies within your commercial place will only prolong the time your business will need to return to its normal use post-COVID-19 lockdown.

However, conducting a commercial pest control service during this period will significantly reduce and prevent the existence of pests within your commercial area, thus enabling it to reach normalcy sooner than by not conducting the commercial pest control service.

A commercial pest control service will not only make your commercial place a pest-free environment for your employees to work in stress-free but it will also help control the pests and protect your business stock, building, and business reputation from any damage.

Now that you are aware of the various damages pests can cause to your business place, if you want your business to continue operating in a smooth and pest-free environment while keeping your employees and customers safe from coming in contact with a contaminated product, the commercial pest control service is essential for your business.

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