The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Home Lighting

Making sure your home is properly illuminated may not seem like the most important task in the world, but it’s quite important. Living in certain parts of the world means you can’t count on enough natural light every single day, so you have to come up with artificial solutions and rely on light bulbs. However, no matter where you live, you have to put in some time and effort into combining all those lighting options available on the market and fine-tune them for the most ideal radiance. You have to explore various ideas and position your lights in different parts of your room in order to get the most of their power. If you’ve ever wondered how to do so, here’s a quick guide to improving your home lighting.


Living room lighting

This isn’t just the space where you spend most of your free time, but also where you wish to relax with your family and entertain your guests. Therefore, lighting shouldn’t be too bright here – instead, opt for a combination of general and ambient lighting for the perfect result. Most people use a chandelier that they usually hang on their own: provides them a great deal of lighting, but also become the focal point of the entire room.

Being so grand and elegant, chandeliers can turn your home into something special in a manner of minutes, and if you shop for them online or at your local flea market, they don’t even have to be that expensive. Moreover, they’ll help you define the style of your home, yet, no matter how amazing chandeliers are, they’re still not enough, so enhancing them with wall sconces might be an idea to explore. These provide more subtle light and can actually become the primary source of light in certain situations, when you’re relaxing on the couch, watching TV or having a romantic dinner in front of the fireplace.


Bedroom lighting

This is another relaxing area, so it generally doesn’t call for too much light. However, just because this is where you sleep doesn’t mean you can keep your bedroom in the dark at all times! Moreover, it should be one of the most elegant rooms in your home, so it requires special attention when it comes to lighting. So, a couple of 40W light bulbs scattered all over the place are a much better solution than sticking to one 200W bulb shining from the ceiling – it could easily ruin your time in the sack and that’s something nobody wants.

Achieving a perfect bedroom atmosphere can be tricky and getting enough rest is especially challenging for some people, which is why you need to ensure your bedroom lighting is as perfect as possible. In the end, don’t forget to equip your nightstands with a couple of reading lamps that might come in handy to all those book lovers who enjoy plunging into Westeros, Middle-earth and Hogwarts before bed.


Kitchen lighting

The best solution for your kitchen lighting issues is a huge window that allows an abundance of natural light in. Although it sounds simple and modest, that’s actually much better than relying on artificial light while trying to make meals, especially the breakfast early in the morning. Nevertheless, since this is impossible for most people, they have to look for alternative solutions and mix chandeliers, ceiling lights, island lights and pendant lighting in order to achieve the perfect combination.

Of course, you can’t do this without making a master plan and taking every detail in consideration, so try not to be too impulsive when coming up with your kitchen lighting solutions. Finally, don’t forget to search for help. Decide what you want and call electrician from Penrith – this is a project you can complete quite quickly and efficiently, and it will be of great help when cooking.


Bathroom lighting

This should be another relaxing spot in your home, which means it doesn’t need strong lighting. Dimmed lights are perfect for bathrooms, no matter how spacious they are, so stick to this idea as it will allow you to achieve an ambient and calming atmosphere you so desperately need at the end of a long day. Still, you mustn’t forget about vanity light that’s important in a wide range of situations, from applying makeup to shaving in the morning. Fortunately, replacing vanity lights or installing new ones is an easy task that will take you just a couple of hours.


More lighting!

Before you start fixing the lighting in all your rooms, you must first find out how much light and what kind of light bulbs each of them needs – too strong lighting will kill the mood, yet too weak won’t be good enough. After that, you can focus on your dining room, hallway, staircase, pantry, as well as your back yard, deck, patio and garage, and make sure all of these spaces are illuminated adequately.

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