Top Tips To Know Before You Decide To Renovate Your Bathroom

When you renovate a bathroom, it makes a way to a new life into a home. People think when you renovate a bathroom, it means you destruct your whole area but sometimes replacing an item or editing a look to enhance the look and feel of the vanity or the sower area. Basically, one can opt for complete renovation by starting everything from scratch. When you decide to renovate a bathroom, it sometimes comes with an ability to redesign the look and feel, with the path of new features to make it look more interesting with a contemporary touch.

Therefore, there is a factor that helps them to consider the type of bathroom renovation. Factors like involved costs, types of tiles and what and how many types of fixtures to be used while you renovate your bathroom. In Melbourne, small bathroom renovations are also required to follow certain rules and strategies.

If you want to what are the factors that one should consider while renovating a bathroom, keep on reading.

Factors to Consider:

  • The first step is to generate a budget to ensure you do not overspend and help get a rough idea of the type of renovations that are possible.
  • Make a rough estimate of the cost involved in making the changes; it is important to also consider the cost of changing the fixtures or adding new ones. 
  • Renovating the bathroom does have to mean a complete redo it can also involve minor changes like new fixtures or shower.
  • Bathroom designs and renovations can take longer than you expect; thus it is a good idea to make the time estimate for the renovations. 
  • The benefit of planning ahead and estimating the time is to ensure all the work is completed smoothly and that someone is always present to oversee the work in progress. 
  • Estimate and prepare a chart of time that will be required to procure the material in the given time.
  • There are many people that sometimes settle for cheap faucets and tiles that cost less to fit their renovation under budget but this could turn out as a mistake, as rework can turn out to be more expensive than investing in quality work. Always opt for a licensed contractor or agency to renovate your bathroom, relying on cheap or unlicensed contractors can lead to unwarranted crisis.
  • The sequence of the tasks while renovating is very important to ensure the proper flow of work. For example, the demolition should be completed prior to working on any new plumbing or electrical work.
  • It is a good idea to have some design ideas prior to starting out with the bathroom renovations or taking help from specialists like those at Beachside Bathrooms.
  • Important design factors to consider include the design of the tiles, paint colour, design of the shower & tub and fixtures.
  • It is important to consider the size of the bathroom prior to selecting the type of fixtures, tiles and other features like bath, shower, etc.
  • Always select the right type of tiles and designs and note down other factors like waterproofing, slip resistance or cement painting, etc to ensure that your renovation is going as per plan.
  • Do not ignore the lighting of the bathroom when renovating since placing the appropriate light on the right spot can increase the beauty of the bathroom and is also more practical.
  • The aspect of ventilation is a must for any room of the house, especially the bathroom. The airflow should be proper because of the placement of many appliances like a water heater, airflow ensures that everything is going as per plan.
  • Planning storage space beforehand always proves handy. You won’t realise the importance of good storage until you start using one.

The types of tiles are one selects often depends on the size of the bathroom and the design. However, when it comes to the shower, it is a good idea to pick small textured tiles. The benefit of doing this is that it helps one maintain a strong grip and helps to prevent slipping when wet or soapy.

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