Secret Revealed! Exposed Aggregate Concrete are Bringing All New Dimensions

The secret to having the most exquisite home paves its way to through the external Knick knacks used. It can be rightly presumed that adorning the home has acquired a pretty high echelon in the contemporary world. The inflating home décor industry is a living evidence of the fact. Furthering the concept of investing in décor, the décor fabrications use different base materials, depending upon the needs to be catered. It can be wooden, plastic, and concrete or a better and ameliorated form of concrete called exposed aggregate concreteComing down to concrete, it is one of the most preferred materials, owing to the durability and life-long resistance it offers. Moreover, it has better and varied recourses to take its stand.

What is this New Type of Concrete All About? 

Famed as exposed aggregate concreteit is basically a decorative concrete, made more prepossessing and enticing, by scraping off the top layer of the usual concrete. It is rough and slid free in texture and adds a tinge of beauty to your entire concrete area. On scrapping off the coating of the actual concrete, the underlying aggregates of the concrete are revealed, which stand of the normal concrete line, imparting it a more graceful look.

Pros of Exposed Aggregate Concrete: 

As succinct by now, the exposed aggregate concrete lays not only on the decoration part but on the following mentioned ones as well:

  • It makes it facile to procure an embellished look and its best quirk is that this look can be achieved at moderate or rather rock-bottom prices.
  • The procedure of attaining this high end yet burden free to the pocket look is a sheer duck soup and requires no such level of professionalism or mastery.
  • The acquired texture is coarse and non-slippery, all weather resistant and yet abiding.
  • The textures of the exposed aggregate concrete are such that they blend well with the other concrete textures.
  • They are available in a wide variety like big or small, colored or round and so on. The residents have a pretty variety to choose from.
  • They are maintenance free and require little washing or cleaning of the part of the user. They can be used for decades and they will hardly wear out.

To be precise, it the maximal and beyond the stereotype look, that one can lay hands on pretty easily.

How To Do it Yourself? 

As already aforesaid, the exposed aggregate concrete is a granite or marble like a version of the typical concrete. It can be procured at literal rock bottom costs and with flair in construction works. Now, the question comes as to how to perpetuate the DIY of this? Well! The secret behind is to keep the topmost concrete layer smooth and prevent it from hardening, once the concrete and aggregates have been installed. To keep it from hardening, one can use ‘surface retardants’ that are easily available in the market and can be sprayed in the wet, freshly installed surface of the concrete. Once the lower veneers of the concrete dry out, the top layer, which will be in the form of a paste, can easily be swiped out from the top; using some peculiar tool or simply by pressure watering the surface.

Conclusively, procuring this luring concrete can is the best and slashed way to make your usual concrete to stand out of the league and vibe out a glance worthy look that almost every dweller craves for.