Home Styles for Everyone’s Personality

Do you know the difference between a house and a home? If you guessed character, comfort, and style, you’re spot-on. A private space without personality doesn’t inspire warmth or positive vibes, but turning a plain-looking apartment into a snug home be a touch-and-go affair if you’re looking to achieve a décor that can easily be transformed to fit different design trends. Does this mean you have to pick just one style and stick to it when redoing your home? Definitely not: here, help yourself to these simple guidelines and create a home look that will suit everyone’s stylistic preferences and allow you to keep updating your nest as interior design trends change.


Wall Paints that Speak of Style

An all-white wallscape can look a tad too sterile, but you can add interest to the rooms by opting for a neutral primary color such as ivory or light grey, and throwing in secondary hues to achieve a tasteful dose of aesthetic contrast. Neutrals are by far the most rewarding primary color for a modern home, and they will coordinate well with changing color trends. In the year to come, for instance, all-white and soft pastel walls will get suave accents in green, dark blue, and violet, while hot black-and-white décors will rock red punches for contrast and interest.


Wallpapers with a Universal Appeal

Hue isn’t the only tool interior designers use when laying down the foundations for a décor that can be revamped as time goes by. On top of color, homeowners who want to pull off a universal home look can use wallpapers with a classic pattern such as stripes, hexagons, dots, geometric prints, or even botanicals. As a rule, two-tone patterns will work best for a one-size-fits-all décor but you can also opt for wallpapers boasting multiple tones if you’re not a fan of simple style. Be careful when picking multicolored wallpapers for a universal-appeal room, though: less is more in interior design, always, and excess of color can completely ruin your nest’s aesthetic value.


Furniture that Fits All Décor Bills

As for furniture pieces that fit the versatile home décor bill, there are few rules that ought to be followed religiously, and these are mainly related to color, size, and pattern. The pieces that will blend in perfectly in just about any décor style are those that boast a monochromatic design and neutral or solid hue. Another point to bear in mind when browsing through homeware, furniture dimensions should be in proportion with the room size, and you can also opt for multifunctional pieces such as modular shelving or convertible sofas to dial up the décor game in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.


One-Style-Fits-All Decorations


While wall paints and furniture will provide the framework for an infinitely transformable décor, it’s the right choice of decorations that will help you achieve a well-rounded home look. For best visual effects, you can use ornaments with a unique personality such as porcelain figurines and souvenirs, but if you’re looking to scoop up two gains by one decorative blow, turn to functional accessories and extras such as jewelry boxes, scented candles, and similar modernist home bits that have practical value to go with aesthetics.


Designs up Your Stylistic Alley

When you’ve stocked your home with the right furnishings and accessories, decorating will be a piece of cake, and you can always take an online quiz if you’re unsure as to which style will work best for your nest and personal preferences. If you’ve done your interior design homework well, small stylistic tweaks and even floor-to-ceiling décor makeovers shouldn’t be a major problem, and you’ll always be able to put on your home styling gloves when you grow bored with the look of your nest.


Your nest isn’t just a spot to drop your gear on the floor and sleep through the night: a home is a place that bears your stylistic watermark and serves as an extension of your personality. Opt for inspirations like various granny flats in Australia and find a solution for your problems.If you want to turn ordinary-looking quarters into a private haven of elegance and comfort, follow the tips listed above and lay down the cornerstones of a home that will fit your stylistic bill. After all, life is too short to spend your days in anything less than a pitch-perfect home, isn’t it?






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