Add a Twist of Modern to Your Classic Home

Owning a vintage home is something that not many people can afford. The world is full of new residential buildings and it seems that it’s hard to own something with a classic soul. And if you’re among the lucky ones, you’d better do something about it and make sure your home looks its best. Adding modern elements into a classic space could be hard, but some people just love a challenge. If you’ve ever wondered how to combine the old and new, which elements to use and how to draw attention to certain pieces, here are a few tips that might be helpful.

Bright Colors
Repainting the walls is one of the easiest ways to modernize an old home. This task takes just a couple of days to finish while costing very little, but the results make a huge difference in your home. And no matter how vintage your furniture is, you’ll surely find a color scheme that goes with it.
Some of the most popular modern wall colors are cappuccino, beige, green and sky blue, but you can always opt for a more unusual approach with purple, orange, yellow or even black. Alternatively, show your refined taste by choosing one of the simplest solutions out there – white! A white wall works well in all seasons as it’s powerful and bold, yet elegant.


New Patterns
Speaking of walls, you don’t have to repaint them if you don’t want to – you can simply find an inspiring wallpaper and you’re good to go. If chosen properly, a wallpaper will complement your existing furniture and decorations without disrupting the vibe of your home. That way, it won’t lose its essence nor become something you won’t be able to recognize – it will just be updated and turned into a better-looking version.
Once you find a wallpaper you’re satisfied with, you can start applying similar patterns to the other parts of your home. Remodel you sofa, reupholster your chairs and purchase some covers and cushions to go along. Finally, add a window seat covered in a matching pattern – this could be the perfect combination of old and new giving your living room or bedroom a whole new feeling.


Personal Area
Finding a quiet space for your inner thoughts is a must nowadays and an idea you should definitely explore. In this age of overexposure to noise and stress, everyone could use such a space, no matter how small it is. And there’s always a way to incorporate it into a classic home with room dividers and sliding doors that will give you privacy and even make your home seem larger.
After you’ve created intimate space, it’s time to decorate it with all your favorite possessions. Depending on the size, you can go with anything from small decorative elements and childhood memorabilia to a huge floor-to-ceiling bookcase. Ultimately, add a special flavor to this space with scented candles, but don’t forget to create a pleasant atmosphere by playing your favorite music in the background. Even if you don’t want to change your home drastically, you can add a new dimension with an upgrade, such as a great sound system.You can try an increasingly popular multi-room audio system that will give a new dimension to your home. But in order for it to work its magic, it must be properly installed and you can contact Sonos installers from Brisbane to help you achieve that effect.


Open up the Space
If your home isn’t as spacious as you’d like it to be, why don’t you just open it up a bit? Declutter, tear down unnecessary walls, remove unused furniture and rearrange what’s left. This way, you’ll end up with a new seating arrangement that will feel different without actually changing anything. It sounds like you’ll be tricking your mind, but a change of perspective is always welcomed, especially if you don’t want to redecorate too much.


Other Ideas
When adding a new twist to your classic home, you should also try refinishing wood furniture, using bold accessories, accentuating things like the chandelier or big mirrors, or adding some new kitchen appliances. These won’t cost much, but will turn your kitchen into a great space even Gordon Ramsay would admire.

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