A Useful Guide On How To Choose Solar Panel Installers

So, now you have completed your research on the benefits of installing a solar system and have decided to install a system on your property, but what next? The next step is to choose the right solar installer to set up the system for you. Choosing the right company for the solar panel installation in Sunshine Coast can be the most challenging part of your solar buying process. With plenty of solar installers, choosing the best can be stressful. Thankfully, understanding the following tips will help you choose the best solar installer.

 What to look for in a solar installer company?

Any installer that you consider for installing the solar system on your property must meet the following characteristics.

Check the solar installer credentials

A good way to choose the right installer company is to narrow down their licence and insurance policy. A reputed installer company like Circuit Alert- an installer of solar systems in Sunshine Coast will have all the necessary business licence and insurance policy. Narrow down all the previous work of the company to know more about them. Check out whether they have experience in setting up the system on the types of roof similar to the one you have.

Solar companies should have a necessary board certificate that provides quality assurance for every system that the company installs. Circuit Alert is a Clean Energy Council accreditation (CEC) certified company.

Read Up the Solar Installers Review and Client Testimonial

Going through online reviews can be a great way to track a company’s work record. Take your time in knowing the work process of the installer company. Read the experiences people had with the workers, and whether the company understood their precise needs and provided swift service accordingly. Read if the company delivers what they promise to deliver.

Find Out More About Warranties Offered

Check the kind of warranties the company is offering, as this is a vital factor while choosing a solar installer. The service contract or the warranties may include maintenance policies, performance guarantee of the system, and warranties on the workmanship. When checking for the warranty policy, do not miss any point. Go into the details of what exactly is covered in the policy and what is the duration of the warranty. Also, ask about the terms & conditions, in case any. Also, be clear about the procedure to extend the warranty.

Ask for Turn Around Time

This can be an important aspect, especially for the people who are in urgent need of installing a solar system on their property. With the popularity of solar systems growing, installers often have a lot of jobs lined up. Ask the companies to give you an idea of their schedule and when they can start working on your installation and how many days they need to complete the installation process. Of course, the exact turnaround time will depend on the type of solar system that you chose.

Do Not Make Price the Only Priority

When choosing the installer, do not prioritise price as a filtering option. The company with a cost-effective price might offer higher quality installation service compared to the company at a higher price rate. More price does not mean better service. Installing the solar system is a complicated process- it needs licencing from the necessary boards.

Cost may vary depending on various factors like the damaged roof, leakage, and so on.


Finding out about the installer as much as you can help you make the right choice. Make sure to hire an installer company with the necessary experience and expertise as installing the system correctly is very much essential to leverage the benefits the system offers. Follow these tips to make a well-informed decision about solar energy on Sunshine Coast.

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