5 Important Reasons for The Restoration of Heritage Buildings

The thought of keeping the old buildings intact rather than creating new ones has a lot of importance. As a part of innovation in the field of architecture, several new buildings are built and the preservation of the old ones is neglected. Progress can be achieved only with the restoration of heritage buildings and this is possible when you are aware of the need and importance of it. For any country, it is generally the archaeological survey body that takes an active role in maintaining heritage buildings. As per the technical standards, the restoration of heritage buildings must reproduce in forms, structure and colour of the old building and revamping it in the exact new form.

Cultural Value


The process of restoration of heritage buildings should be undertaken due to the cultural role it plays. The age-old buildings teach and give information about past history. People would be interested in knowing the stories of the happenings before their birth. It is predicted from these heritage monuments. Also, the buildings promote respect for the legends that lived at different times. It will remind you of the interesting age-old culture of the location. Cultural and historical significance of buildings and using restorative chemicals and properties to restore the color and composition of the building also comes under this category.

Architectural Significance

The restoration of heritage buildings is promoted especially due to the unique architectural designs of the olden times. The imitation of the same designs in the present times would cost a higher amount. Even, the task of preserving will be cheaper in comparison to building a new one. The significance lies in preserving the architectural monument due to the perfect planning of the interiors and exteriors. Heritage buildings are of restorative properties and learning about the community is also a part of historical restoration of buildings.

Boosts Business

Yes, with the restoration of the heritage buildings which are notable, there is a significant boost to many businesses. The authorized department that plans for the renovation project has to keep this fact in mind and consider only the maintenance of the building without making any changes in the architectural aspect. Once the building is renovated, it can be opened for the tourist visit that educates the cultural value of the place too apart from the earnings.

Greater Intrinsic Value

There are many buildings built in an era when the quality of the material was superior. The use of rare kind of materials like the heart pine wood etc. does not exist in the present era. It is for this reason that the restoration of heritage buildings has a higher intrinsic value. There are certain laws that are to be followed by the department to undertake the project for the restoration.

Environment Friendly


Definitely, the idea of building new structures which are energy-saving is necessary but the restoration of heritage buildings is equally important for conserving the environment too. There are various nations who promote recycling and as a part of it, they preserve the old constructions from the times when they were not even born. This reduces the amount of construction waste and thus saves energy required for manufacturing and use of tools.

This surely justifies the idea of restoration of heritage buildings especially the ones which are decaying. They should not be demolished after knowing the above points as you would not know what you have lost by destroying the construction. National and historical heritage is the identity of one country, so it must be preserved in a very good state. Each nation’s history plays a definite role in delineating the identity of the nation across continents.

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