5 Cost-Effective Steps to a Functional and Organized Kitchen

If you tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you’re probably always trying to find new ways to improve its functionality and organization to make your food prep and cleaning easier and faster. So, if you just ran out of new ideas, here are a few tips that will improve the way you use your kitchen and even boost its style.

Boost the storage

Probably the most common issue with kitchens is storage space, or more precisely, the lack of it. No one ever said, “Oh, I wish I had less storage space”! However, most of the time, kitchens have plenty, it’s just that it’s not utilized properly and a lot of it is left as “dead space”. But you can put even the most awkward corners to good use with only a few good ideas. For instance, fill that empty space between the fridge and the cabinets with a DIY pullout spice and can rack. Another way to make good use of your space is to invest in cabinets with smart shelves. Just take a look at these amazing systems that use up all of your corner storage and allow you to keep your pots, pans and cooking gadgets tidy.

Organize drawers

We all probably have those drawers full of utensils, small items and kitchen accessories just randomly thrown inside. So, if you’re sick of wasting five minutes searching for a rubber band in one of those drawers, it’s time for some serious organization. Get two-tiered organizers that allow you to double the space in your drawer and make it perfectly organized all the time. Of course, YOU have to make a conscious effort to always put things back in their designated place.

Invest in new appliances

You might think “How can buying new appliances be cost-effective”? However, if you have some old appliances in your kitchen, chances are that they actually burn more gas, waste more water and spend more energy than they should, which ends up costing you money. On the other hand, new appliances, especially those that carry the Energy Star label or a similar mark, are much more gas-, electricity- and water-effective and can actually lower your utility bill while making your kitchen more functional. Just be careful when choosing your new appliances and how you handle the installation. For instance, make sure to check online gas connection companies that can connect your gas and make sure everything is working properly. Some companies can also make sure your wiring and water supply are running like clockwork. You don’t want to finish your installation just to notice some plumbing or electricity problems, otherwise, it can cost you additional money.

Light it up

Your kitchen will never be completely functional unless you provide it with good lighting! So, don’t chop carrots in the dark (you might mistake it for your finger), but bring some light into your space with LED strips for under- or inside-cabinet space that are super easy to install. You can also improve your window treatment or even invest in skylights or skydomes to boost your natural light.

Add an island

Even though it isn’t exactly a small upgrade, adding an island to your kitchen will do wonders for your space. It’s especially useful and practical if you and your family have a habit of gathering in the kitchen. So, if you have enough space, make sure to insert an island in your kitchen, preferably a u-shaped one with modular cabinetry. You might also want to pay attention to your countertop, because it will take a lot of wear and tear over the years, so don’t just waste money on something super cheap that you’ll need to replace soon. A good kitchen island will not only provide you with extra storage, but also give you an extra food prep area, eating space for quick meals and help keep you included while you cook!

Hopefully, you learned some new ways to keep your kitchen functional and organized. So, next time you feel overwhelmed by clutter, you’ll know just what to do.