Trends Making Waves in Commercial Interiors

Office design trends are always changing and you have to be really careful not to let anything pass by you. Following all of these trends takes a lot of time, money and effort, but if you’re really passionate about interior design in your corporate space, you’ll find a way to track them all at once. If you need some help discovering what’s brand new in this area and are looking for a few ideas you can implement into your own space, here are some trends that are currently the hottest when it comes to commercial interiors.  


New colors

Most companies stick to a simple choice when repainting their interior space – follow their own corporate colors and spread them around as much as possible. That’s why you can find a ton of offices that look the same just because they happened to pick the same colors when designing their logo and corporate identity. So, if you want to be different and keep up with the newest trends, you might want to consider going in another direction.

Instead of boring colors such as gray, black and beige, why don’t you go with unusual choices like red, lime, purple or orange? Even if these aren’t your corporate colors, they’re quite interesting and visually attractive, and will prove to be quite inspirational. Alternatively, go with Pantone color of the year and always keep trendy by changing your interior space once a year.


Open spaces

No matter how much we prefer having big corner offices instead of being stuck in a tiny cubicle, the truth is that an open space concept creates a much better workflow in a corporate space than most people think. Being able to communicate with your coworkers, share ideas freely and help each other creates a stronger bond between you, and you’ll feel ready to bring your A game every day of the week.

Moreover, an open concept boosts productivity and creative sparkle in your workers, and instead of confining them to a small space, you should give them all the freedom in the world. This is always welcomed since your employees will be able to see how much you care for them and their well-being.


Show who you are

While you don’t have to use only your corporate colors when repainting the walls in your office space, you can show the world who you are and proudly display your logo and tagline on a number of places in your headquarters. This way, you’ll keep your workers motivated, help your clients realize you know what you’re doing and even attract a new business partner in the future.

Brand-inspired interiors require a lot of work and it’s not just about displaying your logo right in the middle of the office space, but also about incorporating your company’s message in the design as well. Connecting this message to the design could be a hard job for a layperson, which is why lots of business owners hire professional architects and designers who know what they’re doing. For example, people behind the experienced Studio X can do wonders for your office space and really convey your message to the world, just by using the power of design.


Inclusion and accessibility

A constantly growing number of people with disabilities are finding their place in the corporate world, and the best way to show them respect is by making sure they have everything they need at their place of work. Thinking about inclusion and accessibility isn’t just a way to tell them they’re valuable and important, but also to show the world that you take care of your employees and treat them fairly.

Things like wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and elevators for people with limited mobility aren’t extravagant and novice like they were ten or fifteen years ago. They’ll give every member of your staff a chance to show up at work and do their best day after day, and they’ll also boost the value of your office space and make your company more appealing to different groups of people.


Investing money and time into creating an amazing office space is going to benefit everyone, from your workers to the upper management, and everyone in your company is going to love coming to work more than ever before, so try these ideas out and enjoy their benefits.

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