Commercial Auction Results – Week ending 27 May 2016

Based on preliminary results,

the commercial auction clearance rate

over the week ending 27 May 2016 was 66.7 per cent, up from 55.6 per cent the previous week and also higher than one year ago when the clearance rate was 60.3 per cent. So far, 15 commercial auction results have been reported for last week, much lower than the 72 over the previous week. Over the past four weeks 214 commercial auctions have been reported with 123 sales, representing a clearance rate of 57.5 per cent over the 28 day period. Of the 123 sales, 92 were reported with the sale price disclosed, with the total value of these transactions just under $211.7 million.


The table below indicates National Auction Clearance Rate figures.


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